Message of the nominee and acting Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock regarding to access to information

5 days ago

Based on modern components, one of the characteristics of transparency in an organization is the dissemination of information and access to information.
According to the Law on Access to Information, the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to provide information so that compatriots are aware of what is taking place.
That is why we have a commitment to access to information and we try to be diligent and consistent in publishing and disseminating information.

Dr. Anwarul Haq Ahady
Nominee and head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Message of the nominee and acting Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock regarding to access to information

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Sat, Oct 24 2020 9:39 AM
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Harvest Festival held in Bamyan

Aqrab 1: October 22 ,2020
A program called Harvest Festival was held to honor the struggle of Farmers in Bamyan province.
In this program, Sayed Anwar Rahmati, Governor of Bamyan,. . .

Thu, Oct 22 2020 12:50 PM
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Leading Gardeners of Badghis Learned New Methods of Gardening in Herat

Aqrab 1: October 22, 2020
Ministry of Agriculture via one of its projects, launched a scientific course for more than 60 Leading Gardeners in Ghormach, Jand, Bala Murghab and Qades. . .
Thu, Oct 22 2020 10:05 AM
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Investment Support Lasts in construction of Greenhouses in Balkh

Aqrab 1: October 22,2020
A project of the Ministry of Agriculture continues to support private sector investments in creating Greenhouses for Vegetable production in Balkh. . .

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Thu, Oct 08 2020 1:01 PM
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Procurement Assistant- Kabul


Re- Announced Procurement Officer

Job Categories:                                  Procurement  

Minimum Education Level:         Bachelor

Position:                            . . .

Sun, Aug 16 2020 11:12 AM
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Contract Award Notice: Procurement of Equipment for NVDA

Contract Award Notice

Grant No. 0167-AFG

Name of Project: Nangarhar Valley Development Authority (NVDA)

Contract Name: Procurement of Equipment for NVDA  

Contract No. MAIL/ADB/NVDA . . .

Sat, Jul 18 2020 1:46 PM
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Procurement of Internet for Nangarhar Regional Office HVCDSP/MAIL

Country: Afghanistan

Project ID: 0620

Project Name: Horticulture Value Chain Development sector Project (HVCDSP)

General Information


Public . . .

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Wed, Oct 07 2020 1:58 PM
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Fruit and Vegetable Dryer, a new promise of better life for Masoumeh

  Mizan 15: October 6, 2020
 Masoumeh Sadat is 38 Years old and lives in the village of Doab Zardsang in the capital of Bamyan province.
 She took care of a family when eight Years ago, her husband passed away.

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Farah's grape

Badakhshan Apple

Farah's Greenhouse Products

Grape, Honey and Fig festival in Herat

Greenhouses of Samangani women, They work and have got income

Parwan Grape

The Beauties of Helmand Dates

Apple Orchards in Kapisa province

Apple Orchards in Panjsher

Apples of Qadis District of Badghis province

Nangarhar Tomato

Mullaghulam Research Farm - Bamyan

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Thu, Oct 15 2020 10:25 AM
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Monitoring and Evaluation Engineering Officer (Re-announcement)

Position Title:            Monitoring and Evaluation Engineering Officer

Job Location:            Nangarhar, Jawzjan

Nationality:                Afghan

Category:                   E . . .

Thu, Oct 15 2020 10:21 AM
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Enterprise Development Officer (EDO)

I.  Position Information

Job Title: Enterprise Development Officer (EDO)

Vacancy Number: CBARD-58

Department/Project Name: CBARD/Operations

C . . .

Thu, Oct 08 2020 1:04 PM
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M&E Officer-Kabul


Re- Announced Targeting Ultra Poor Coordinator 

Job Categories:                                  Agriculture

Minimum Education Level:         Master/Bachelor  

Position:       . . .