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Agricultural Products Management

Concept of Agricultural Products Management Documents Raisin Houses

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The OMAID Project is structured as an Investment Project Financing (IPF), proposed to be funded by an IDA grant in the amount of US$25 million and a US$150 million contribution from

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National Horticulture And Livestock Project (NHLP)

Donor: World Bank

Budget: Overall $55,000,000.

Total expenditure as of 31st March 2011: $39,370,922.

For the year 1390: $15,729,078.

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Community Based Agriculture and Rural Development (CBARD)

Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development (CBARD) is a community-based project aimed at reducing opium poppy production. It does this through supporting production and marketing

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The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF)

About: ADF is a standalone government-owned financial institution with the fundamental purpose of making credit available to the agriculture sector. The

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Community Livestock and Agriculture Project (CLAP)

CLAP project ismarked as the 2ndprojectfinanced by the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD).

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Support to National Priority Program 2 (SNaPP2)

In accordance with the Afghanistan’s National Priority program (NPP) and National Transparency and Accountability program, the Support to National Priority Program 2 (SNaPP2) is designed as development