Minister's Biography

Brief Biography of Dr. Anwar-ul Haq Ahady
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

عکس وزیر Anwar-ul-Haq-Ahady was born in the village of Jigdalak, district of Sarobi, Kabul Province, on April 16 1950. His father, Abdul Haq Ahady, was a judge who served in various courts during King Zaher Shah’s regime. Ahady attended elementary school in Kabul city. Karabagh district (Kabul Province) and Tago district (Kapisa Province). Ahady attended Habibia High School in Kabul where he received an American Field Service Scholarship during his junior year (11th Grade) and studied one year (1968) at Summit High School in Summit, N.J , USA. Ahady entered Kabul University, Law School, in 1969 where he received a USAID Scholarship to study at the American University of Beirut. Ahady received his B.A with distinction in Political Science and Economics from the American University of Beirut in 1974 and M.A in International Relations from the same University in 1977.Ahady received another scholarship from the Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA and entered Northwestern’s PhD program in Political Science in 1978. Ahady received his MBA in Finance and PhD in Political Science from Northwestern University in 1983 and 1986, respectively. Upon graduation from Northwestern, Ahady got a teaching position (Assistant Professor of Political Science) at Carlton College in Northfield, Minnesota USA. However, in 1985 Ahady resigned from his position at Carlton and joined the Continental Illinois Bank in Chicago, Illinois, USA where he served as bank officer until 1987.When the Soviet Union announced its intention to withdraw its military forces from Afghanistan, in order to have greater flexibility to participate in afghan politics, Ahady, once again, changed his career, and got a teaching position (Assistant Professor of Political Science) at Providence College in Providence. R. I., U.S.A in 1987. Subsequently he was promoted to the ranks of tenured associate and full professor of Political Science. Ahady has numerous publications in international academic journals and book chapters. After the collapse of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Ahady once again left his academic career and assumed the post of the Governor of Afghanistan’s Central Bank (Da Afghanistan Bank) in March 2002. During his first eight months in office, Ahady successfully completed the change of currency in Afghanistan, one of the most successful projects of the Karzai regime. Ahady also had great success in modernizing the Central Bank; stabilizing the exchange rate of the national currency, the Afghani; and in establishing a new commercial banking system where private banks dominate the market. Ahady served as the governor of the central bank until December 2004 when he was appointed by President Karzai as the Finance Minister of Afghanistan. After the Convening of the new Parliament, Ahady was confirmed as the Finance Minister by Parliament in April 2006. At the Ministry of Finance, Ahady pushed for modernization and professionalism; more than tripled domestic revenues and execution of development budget in four years; negotiated a 100% relief for Afghanistan’s $11.3 billion international debt; introduced a new pay and grading system for the civil servants; has launched the privatization/liquation program for the State-owned-enterprises; negotiated a Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility Program for Afghanistan with the IMF; prepared Afghanistan’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and presented it to an international donor’s conference in Paris in June 2008. Ahady resigned from his position as Afghanistan’s Minister of Finance in March 2009 with intention to contest Afghanistan’s August 2009 Presidential Elections. However, subsequently he withdrew from the contest. Ahady was appointed as Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Afghanistan in January 2010. He was responsible for coordinating the Government’s fiscal, trade, and economic development policies. Ahady was appointed the Minister of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan in June 2010, got the vote of confidence from Parliament, Dr. Ahady resigned from his position as Afghanistan’s Minister of Commerce and Industries in Oct 2013 with intention to contest Afghanistan’s 2014 Presidential Elections. Dr Ahady lunched a new Opposition front on 18 Jan 2016, the New National Front of Afghanistan is a new genuine political opposition group established by H.E Ahadi on January of 2016. New National Front of Afghanistan is comprised of 9 political parties, 64 MPs and senators, women groups, former governors and other high-ranking officials Dr Ahady is the President of the this Front and and still holds this position. Ahady is married to Fatima Gailani (Ex President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society) and has a daughter named Rana and a son Tariq.

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