179 Raisin Houses put into operation in Kabul

Thu, Nov 05 2020 9:22 AM
179 Raisin Houses put into operation in Kabul

Aqrab 14: November 4, 2020
Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has completed the construction of 179 Raisin Houses and put them into operation in Kabul today.
Hashmatullah Ghafoori, Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Natural Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, who had gone to Dehsabz district of Kabul to inaugurate a number of these Raisins houses said, that 27 of these Raisin Houses belong to the people of Dehsabz district.
The total cost of these Raisin Houses is 105 Million Afghanis. These projects are related to the Afghan Government's Crop Management Plan, which has been implemented and we are witnessing their opening.
According to Mr. Ghafoori, the capacity of each Raisin Houses reaches eight Metrics Tons, and a total of thousands of Tons of Grapes are turned into Raisins by these raisin houses.
He stated that We have a total of 11,000 Agricultural Product Management projects, most of which are being wrapped up and some of which are being completed.
These buildings are designed to extend the life of Agricultural and Horticultural products so that Gardeners and Farmers can make more profit.
Also, with the start of these projects, employment opportunities have been created for thousands of our compatriots.
We also thank the people and companies who had been in charge with implementing these projects, because they completed the work on time.
The Deputy Minister of Agriculture recently called on the owners of these Raisins Houses to pay serious attention to the use and maintenance of their buildings.  He said Gardeners who have benefited from the Raisins should work with other Growers to use them.
We are grateful for the contribution of the Ministry of Agriculture, Deh Sabz is a good platform for Agriculture and Horticulture, these projects can resolve the problems of many residents of Deh Sabz," said Mir Zabihullah Munib, Dehsabz district governor.
Deh-e-Sabz district is decent for any kind of project, we have good security, we are poor people, we want more cooperation from you so that you can do other things for us, said Samiullah Daneshiyar, a local resident.
These projects can turn thousands of Tons of Grapes into Raisins.
The people of Deh-e-Sabz are more engaged in Viticulture. If the projects are implemented, the people will not be harmed, and that is our request.
Mir Ruhollah, the leader of the region said, implementing these projects is a positive step. We are fortunate that Deh Sabz has about 10 Million Grape Vines, thousands of Acres of Agricultural land, more attention needs to be paid, people are cooperating with the government and want more attention.
He added that Implemented projects also bring positive changes in life.
The Agricultural Product Management Plan includes 11,000 projects that will be implemented in 34 provinces.  The work of the majority of these projects has been completed and some are being completed.
Completion of these projects could protect hundreds of thousands of Tons of Crops and Horticultural products.

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