With 24-hour power supply of Badam-Bagh, all research laboratories of this farm will be activated

شنبه ۱۴۰۰/۴/۲۶ - ۱۵:۵۴
With 24-hour power supply of Badam-Bagh, all research laboratories of this farm will be activated

Saratan 25: July 16, 2021
24-hour electricity was connected to Badam-Bagh farm in cooperation with Kabul Breshna to supply the energy needed by laboratories and water pumps.
The mentioned ceremony was attended by a number of central directors and projects officials.
Najiba Atai,  general director of the Ministry of Agriculture's Institute for Agricultural Research, said, “Previously a number of Farm research laboratories were inactive and some were inactive due to power shortages, and now with a 24-hour power connection in cooperation with Kabul Breshna, a major breakthrough in research Agriculture is unveiled.
Ms. Atai also reminded that with connection of this electricity, the energy required for the water pumps of this farm will be provided. In addition, according to general director of Agricultural Research Institute, there are other electrical equipment and supplies on the farm that will be powered by electricity.
Afsar Khan-Khel, the director Kabul Breshna, said supplying electricity to key departments was one of their top priorities and tasks, and that after that, Badam- Bagh farm electricity would be supplied on a regular basis.
It is worth mentioning that nine important directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture are located in Badam-Bagh Farm. This farm, as the largest agricultural research farm in the country, has a collection of fruits and all kinds of agricultural research is carried out in it. There are about 15 important laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture in fields of soil science, plant protection, fruits, vegetables and tissue culture and some other laboratories in the field of animal health and livestock in this farm, all of which are activated when this electricity is connected. In this farm, large spring and autumn exhibitions of agricultural and livestock products are also held annually.

تازه ترین اخبار

پنجشنبه ۱۴۰۰/۷/۲۹ - ۱۱:۵
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د ځمکې تخریب مخنیوي ملی پروژې په پار د کرنې وزارت تخنیکي غونډه دائره شوه

٢٩ تله  ۱۴۰۰ هـ.ش
١٤ ربیع الاول ۱۴۴۳ هـ.ق
داغونډه د کرنې، اوبولګولو او مالدارۍ وزارت سرپرست مولوی عبدالرحمن راشد، د طبیعي سرچینو مرسیتال مولوی شمس الدین شریعتي او دکرنې وزارت د تخنیکي. . .

پنجشنبه ۱۴۰۰/۷/۲۹ - ۹:۵۳
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دکرنې وزارت د عوایدو راټولولو د څرنګوالي په پار غونډه دائره شوه

۲۶ تله ‍۱۴۰۰
د کرنې، اوبولګولو او مالدارۍ وزارت د مالي او اداري مرستیال فضل‌الباری‌ فضلي په مشرتابه غونډه دائره شوه، چې په کې د کرنې وزارت په عوایدو کې د عشر او زکات د توحید او شاملولو. . .

پنجشنبه ۱۴۰۰/۷/۲۲ - ۱۵:۴۵
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دکرنې وزارت مالي او اداري مرستيال د ياد وزارت اداري رياست څخه ليدنه وکړه

۲۲تله ۱۴۰۰
دکرنې، اوبولګولو اومالدرۍ وزارت، مالي او اداري مرستیال فضل الباري فضلي او ورسره مل پلاوي یې د کرنې وزارت له اداري ریاست او اړوند آمریتونو څخه  لیدنه او اړوندو چارواکو ته. . .