Biography of Deputy MAIL for Agriculture and Livestock

Shirshah Amiri, son of Ghulam Dastgir Amiri, who is currently serving as Deputy MAIL for Agriculture and Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, was born on April 23, 1985 in Norgul district of Kunar province in an open-minded family.
Shirshah Ameri is an Afghan Fulbright Scholar and Purdue University MSc graduate, where he received his Master’s degree (MS) in Agricultural Economics and perused his BSc degree in agriculture at Kabul University. He has been working in Kabul Municipality as director of greenery and park management for last one and a half year. He has led group of 900 staff members including technical and operational personals that oversaw and manage around 90 public parks, 300 km road medians greenery, and hilltops, during his tenure in Kabul Municipality, he boosted a comprehensive greenery plan for Kabul city aligned with Kabul Urban Design Framework (KUDF). Mr. Ameri expanded green coverage through community engagement and outreach programs, and established and built over 30 public parks in different districts of Kabul city.
He has several years of working experience in Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) as a business advisor and Affair director. He provided technical support for private agribusinesses to improve their business practices. He managed and led several events as such Agfair (agricultural fair) to link local producers with international buyers, introducing domestic products to local customers, and demonstration of new agricultural technologies to farmers in Badam-Bagh Farm. Likewise, he was involved in modernization of Badam-Bagh Research Farm where they demonstrated new agricultural technologies as such modern irrigation systems, agriculture machinery, extension, and research of field crops production and management to farmers across Afghanistan.
Moreover, he has worked as lead of an agribusiness program with Purdue University – USAID program to establish new BSc degree programs in agribusiness management and food technology in five regional public universities of Afghanistan. Mr. Ameri provided technical support on curriculum development and has worked in agricultural education and capacity building programs in different managerial capacities. He has managed the A4/USAID project as a farm manager and later as a campus operation director at Kabul University. Mr. Ameri established the student farm at Kabul University where students and faculties have conducted their co-curricular activities and research projects. Moreover, Mr. Ameri has managed (USAID) project scholarship programs to send Afghan faculties to (USA) and India for MS and Ph.D. studies. Mr. Ameri has published several working papers and research project in well-known journals.