Abdul Rahman: Cultivation of Rice by mechanized method of rice production has made my rice harvest one and a half times higher

عبدالرحمان: کشت شالی با شیوه مکانیزه حاصلات شالی مرا یک‌ونیم برابر ساخته است

Dehqan Weekly / Morsal Hashemi
Abdul Rahman is a farmer from Mughal village in Khwaja Baha -Uddin district of Takhar province, who was cultivating various crops traditionally and in monotonous way, especially rice, on his farm for many years. Like other peasants, Abdul-Rahman inherited agriculture from his ancestors and, like his ancestors, cultivated paddy and other grains uniformly on his farms. He could not get good yields every year by applying uniform rice cultivation methods, and during the cultivation, his farm became infected with various diseases and pests, but this year by the Pan Amu Seas Sector Project (P-ARBSP). A theatrical paddy field was created for him, the yield of which was about one and a half times that of the traditional method, and in terms of quality, he offered high-quality paddy to the market. During the construction of this show farm, various medicines were used several times to prevent the spread of plant diseases, which on the one hand prevented various diseases and on the other hand played a key role in the quality of paddy crops. In general, the terrain of the demonstration farm has been standardized using "Land Laser Leveling" technology, in which case the demonstration farm has been irrigated 50% less compared to the monotonous method.
It is worth mentioning that during the production of rice in this show farm, about 300 farmers, including women, were present and received the necessary training in different sections by the project technical team. For instance:  Modern methods of irrigation, weeding, sowing, leveling the ground and other areas, technical training has been provided to the peasants of this village. "We have been cultivating rice in the traditional way on our farm for years, exactly the same methods that we inherited from our ancestors, but this year the Panj Amu project is a rice paddy farm," said Abdul Rahman. It was created for us that during the construction of this show and paddy farm, practical trainings were also provided to the peasants of this village. In general, we have received the necessary training in fields of weeding, spraying and watering, and we will apply these skills on our farms in upcoming years. When we cultivate rice in the traditional way, weeds appear in the middle of the field, yet, by applying the mechanized method, not only the weeds are removed, but also the plant stems become strong and give good results. "For example, last year I used about 21 kilograms of seeds on one acre of land, but this year I used about 11 kilograms of rice seeds on the same acre of land, and our yields have been increased compared to former years."
Abdul Rahman added, "Last year, I got about 952 kilograms of rice from one acre of land, but this year, by cultivating it in a show farm, I got about 1,232 kilograms of rice from one acre of land, the yield of which is "Shows something less than one and a half times more." It should be noted that the mentioned project is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Union (EU).