Request for Information (RFI) For Establishment of High Technology Greenhouses Activity for Production of Horticultural Crops


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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Central Program Management Office

Horticulture Value Chain Development Sector Project (HVCDSP)

Request for Information (RFI)


Establishment of High Technology Greenhouses Activity for Production of Horticultural Crops

Publication Date: Date: January 12, 2020

Closing Date: January 26, 2020


The purpose of this RFI is to beseech information regarding the feasibility, viability, and sustainability of the subject activity – and, identify potential manufacturers, suppliers and/or companies for supply and installation of high-technology greenhouses in project covering area.


The Horticulture Value Chain Development Sector Project (HVCDSP) of MAIL helps strengthen Afghanistan’s horticulture value chain by (i) improving processing efficiency and marketing capacity of domestic agri-business enterprises (ABEs); (ii) modernizing crop production through better planting material, trellising, modern greenhouses, and on-farm facilities; and (iii) contributing to the national effort in establishing internationally recognized brands of Afghan horticulture produce. It will increase value addition for horticultural commodities produced in eleven (11) provinces in Central, South, and East Afghanistan. As such, the project contributes to increasing import substitution of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, and expanding exports of high-value fruit, vegetables, and nuts in which the country has a comparative advantage.

The project is aligned with the following impact: improved agricultural productivity and food security. The project will have the following outcome: production and value addition of horticulture products increased. The two outputs are (i) horticulture value-chain infrastructure and facilities improved; and (ii) national capacity for horticulture export expansion and import substitution developed.

The project plans to support farmers and the agriculture private sector with the establishment of high-technology greenhouses in its targeted provinces (Kabul, Bamyan, Ghazni, Wardak, Paktika, Paktya, Khost, Logar, Nangarhar, Kunar and Laghman) to promote off-season horticultural crops production. Therefore, the project issues this RFI to identify potential suppliers and companies in order to supply and install the high-tech greenhouses for farmers or agribusiness enterprises and provide services for its operationalization.


The interested companies (national or international) are requested to respond to each of the below questions and state their potential so the project can evaluate each one’s capability in delivering the demanded service.

  1. Summary of your company’s background including your major achievements.
  2. What is your experience in establishment of high-tech greenhouses?
  3. Does your company have the resources to conduct complete engineering designs for high tech greenhouses suitable for different climatic zones in Afghanistan?
  4. What would be the cost estimates for construction of per m2 of high-tech greenhouse? You may propose more than one design depending on the type of materials utilized in a greenhouse.
  5. Are the required glazing, framing, heating, cooling and other necessary materials available within Afghanistan for installation and maintenance in future?
  6. What applicable greenhouse layout and equipment for efficiency (i.e. racks and shelves, beds, benches, space under benches, floor and walkways) do you recommend for Afghan agriculture producers?
  7. What are your recommendations for the efficient, economical and viable electricity/energy sources for operationalization of high-technology greenhouses with less or no electricity, mainly in rural areas.
  8. Does your company have a proper maintenance mechanism in case of any defaults and shortcomings?
  9. Do you also supply growing media and other required inputs or planting materials for such greenhouses (artificial soil, peat moss, hybrid vegetables seeds, liquid fertilizer etc.)?
  10. How much time/duration (foresee) would it require to establish/construct a high-tech greenhouse in an area of (1,000 m2, 2,000m2 and 4,000m2).
  11. Do you have the potential or are you able to program capacity building and arrange exposure visits for project staff and its beneficiaries for gaining full knowledge of high-technology greenhouses?  
  12. Any other relevant information you think are important for us to know specific to the subject activity.


You can submit and share your questions or comments, to before January 18, 2020.


It is requested that all interested companies/suppliers submit their responses and supporting documents if any, to; or directly contact HVCDSP project, second floor of Evergreen Building at Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.


Upon receipt of responses to this RFI, the HVCDSP project will invite all potential companies for a one-day orientation workshop at MAIL in order to discuss the relevant facilities and identify the qualified companies for next steps.



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