A number of Balkh Farmers Received Fifty packages of Ferula collection

Sun, Sep 20 2020 2:30 PM
۵۰ بسته‌ی وسایل جمع‌آوری هینگ به شماری از دهقانان بلخ توزیع گردید

Sunbola 30: September 20,2020  
 The Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Balkh Province, in cooperation with the SNaPP-2 Second National Priority Support Program, distributed Ferula Crop Collection Kits to 50 Ferula -producing Farmers in different villages of Khulm district.
 Each of these Kits for the Farmers included a hand-Held Karachi, a Shovel, a Kidman, a Sprinkler, a Pickaxe, a Gallows, a Hammer, a Razor blade, a Collecting knife, a Crystal stone, a Museum, Gloves, a sun Hat, and a hinged Egg.
 The purpose of giving out these packages is to promote effective Ferula Harvesting Methods, prevent waste at harvest time, grade Ferula extract on the Farm, encourage Farmers to increase the cultivation of High economic value plants, improve crop quality and market Ferula crops.
 These Farmers had previously been trained in Ferula Crop harvesting and post-harvest operations skills.
 It should be noted that before this, by providing the Ground for concluding Contract Farming Agricultural contracts, Balkh hinged Farmers were connected to the private sector to give 1,908 Kilograms of Ferula juice to traders at a price of 11 Million and 448 thousand Afghanis.  Wholesale Ferula to sell.

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