Construction of Potato's Storage: Rakhshana no longer sells her Potatoes cheaply

Construction of Potato's Storage: Rakhshana no longer sells her Potatoes cheaply

Aqrab 19: November 9, 2020
Rakhshana Atai is 20 years old and a student of Bamyan University.
She is a resident of Shibar district in Bamyan and has been the head of her family for four several Years.
According to her, during the last eight years, she has faced many problems in creating a prosperous life.
Rukshana and her family make a living by growing Potatoes and Onions, but the difficulty was that during these years she was forced to sell her Potatoes Crops cheaply and in the same harvest season.
Bamyan is one of the most fertile provinces in the field of Potato and Onion products.
In recent years, many standard Cold Storages have been built by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock for farmers in the province.
Rukshana h is one of the farmers who has been suffering from the lack of a well-stocked Warehouse for several Years, yet finally in 2019, Rukhshana, like other Bamyan farmers received from the (HVCDSP) Sector Project the construction of a Zero-Energy Potato Storage facility.
This repository was built for her in a standard way during one year.
Potato storage for Radishes, with a capacity of eight to 12 Metrics Tons of Potatoes at a time is basically built.
She expressed her speech and said that, The Potatoes store is very important to us, because we used to sell our Potatoes Crop at a low price in the same season, and because of the cheapness of the Crop, we struggled a lot but this year we have all our Crops.
Rakhshana said of her Stockpile that we have stored Zero Energy Storage and we are going to market these products at a reasonable price next winter.
She said that we used to sell one Kilogram of Potatoes for 12 Afghanis at harvest time, but this year we have saved all our Potato Crops and based on the experience of previous years, we are going to sell it for 28 to 30 Afghanis per Kilogram next winter, it will be an economic transformation in our own lives.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, through the Horticultural Value Chain Development sector project, plans to build about 133 Zero energy Storages for Onions and Potatoes in Bamyan province. Including 39 Cold Storages for Onions and 94 Zero energy Storages for Potatoes.
A total of 95% of the construction work of these warehouses have been completed and the construction work of other warehouses is about to be completed in the near future.
These Onion and Potato Storage warehouses help Bamyan farmers store their produce and export it to Afghan and Regional Markets at reasonable prices in winter and spring.
It should be noted that the Horticultural Value Chain Development sector project is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).