Contact Number of Minister, Deputy Ministers and Directors

Working Hours:

From 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

Note: Based on the labor law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,  12:00-1:00 PM is prayer and lunch break.

The Ministry's Directory
Name Designation Phone Number Email
Nasir Ahmad Durrani Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock 782220400
Hashmatullah Ghafori Deputy Minister for Irrigation & Natural Resources 700222107
Abdul Hadi Rafiyi Acting Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Livestock 799399344
Mahbobullah Nang Deputy Minister for Administration  786269826
Akbar Rostami Senior Media Advisor 704999967
Eng. Taher Ayub HR Director 704448888
Hamdulah Hamdard General Extension Director 787305010
Ghulam Abbas Rajabi Acting Chief of Office to Minister 0700217171
Wahidullah Etbar Finance & Accounting Director 797602080 lah
Mohammad Rafi Qazizada General Director of Natural Resources Management 799272208
Shekib Sharifi Director of Plan and Policy 706524740
Habibullah Habibi Director of Private Sector    
Sayed Majdod Raihan Acting Director of Animal Health  700488288
Ehsanullah Waziri General Director of Provincial Affairs 786611361
Mohammadullah Sahel Procurement Director  796728344
Mukhtar Muhsinin Animal Health Director 779106500
Zahiruddin Imampoor Statistics Directorate 0700154767
Khalil Rahman Omar Irrigation Director 770002216
Zekrullah Abdul Rahimzai Acting Crops Extension Director 700904598 
Sohrab Khawasi Acting Admin Director 794300000
Abdul Ghafoor Babori Acting Plant Protection and Quarantine  700259618  
Mir Ahmad Mushtaq Acting Director of Cultivation Seeds 786269826  
Hasibullah Habib IT Director 799888664
Mohammad Aman Amanyar Forests Director 700069700
Abdul Razaq Mojadadi Agricultural Cooperatives Director  700876101
Engineer Omar Reservoirs Director  777150782
Mohammad Jawed Internal Audit Director 700513831
Sayed Enayatullah Hashimi  Director of Central Silo 700095575
Nazira Rahman Director of Household Economy 700397328
Adela Bakhteyare Horticulture Extension Director  700661795
Najiba Atae Acting Director of Agricultural Research  704792760
Tawhid Ali Azimi Acting Livestock Director 788223696
Dr. Usman Safi NHLP Director  700052813
Fahim Rahim ONFARM Director  778188543
Wahidullah Sadeqi Director of CCAP 744004414
Mohammad Yaser Naseri Director of CDRRP 785001122
Jawed In-charge of Mountains Development Projects 782250520 Javid.ahmad@icimod .org
Mohammad Jawad Sahebzada Director of CBARD 777797998
Engineer Shekib Cold Storage Facilities  790403593
Sayed Maqsod Hashimi  Nangarhar Valley Development Project  793507203
Qasem Wesal Director of Agricultural Mechanism 700261242  
Sayed Maqsod Hashimi  Nangarhar Valley Development Project  793507203