REoI for hiring of consultant to complete the Design, Estimation and Specification of two different cold storages at different Airports/Provinces


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For hiring of consultant to complete the Design, Estimation and Specification of two different cold storages at different Airports/Provinces  

Publication Date: 11 February 2020     


The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has received grant/ fund, under grant number: AFG/ 390749 from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this fund to implement the designing, estimation and specification of two different cold storages at different Airports/provinces.

Background of the project.

Agricultural production preservation is common in the history with different techniques such as drying under the sun, salting and freezing which increase the product shelf-life and preserve the products, quality in terms of color, flavor and smell.

Preservation of agricultural production is done for the several reasons. First, can access to agricultural products later on off-seasons and second, avoids low price at harvesting. Third through this approach it controls increase of price at the time of products shortage which is useful for the consumers. Recently farmers demand for establishment of cold storages increased as manual they lose 30% to 50% of their products in hot weather in summer.

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock with due consideration on the importance of agricultural products preservation and its role in avoiding financial loss to the farmers has stared the study and establishment of the cold storage projects to speed up the establishment of zero energy and energy cold storages.

Objectives of the project

Construction of cold storages is one of the main objectives of MAIL, as cold storages can reduce wastage of agriculture products such as fruits and vegetables, and can increase the value of products in the regional markets by exporting them at the peak time, as the local products due to lack of space (not having the facility of cold storage) are being exported with a very low price comparing to the other regional/neighboring countries.

One of the key challenges beings faced these days at the national level is lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables at the off season, as there is no proper cold storage system available to store the fruit and vegetables.

Due to lack of cold storages the agriculture products are exported to neighboring countries with an extremely low price comparing to the regional and international markets; and again the same products are imported with a much higher price, the reason for which is the same lack of cold storages.

Thus, the construction of cold storages with two different designs can help us with storing the fruits and vegetables and can reduce the import of vegetable and fruits.

At the initial stage we will be hiring a consultant (firm) to design two different types of cold storages, each with the capacity of 100 MT, one of these designs will be for the airports, while the other one will be for districts/provinces, the one for the provinces/districts will be a complex as this one shall include surrounding wall, main building, administration rooms, generator rooms etc.

Scope of work projects

Methodology of work:

To complete the typical design, estimation and specification of two cold storages design, the methodology will include the following.

  1. General:

This package is for typical design of two different cold storages, one of the cold storages will be designed for the different airports; while, the other cold storage is complexed cold storage that will be a single design for different provinces.

These two designs does not require any soil test, Geo-technical and Topography, the assignment is a desk job and does not require any field visit as the field is not identified.

  1. Detailed Description:

The major activities for the assignment shall be design, estimation and specification of cold storage projects’ improvement as follows:

      • To complete the typical Design of all structures and to draft the drawings in AutoCAD, the following shall be included:
        • The assignment is for designing two typical cold storages of two different 100 MT, and does not require or need site Survey, geotechnical, and topography or soil test.
        • The land or location for designing of the cold storages is not identified therefore, the consultant should design a cold storage suitable for any kind of soil; the structure’s foundation for the proposed typical design should be consider according to the loose material basement.
        •   The maximum and minimum outside temperatures in different seasons out of the cold storage for the proposed typical design should be consider + 55 ° C and -30 ° C.
        • The maximum snow load out of the cold storage for the proposed typical design should be consider (145)KG/M2
        • The maximum wind load out of the cold storage for the proposed typical design should be consider (100)KG/M2
        • The minimum humidity percentage out of the cold storage for the proposed typical design should be consider 7%
        • The information reflected above should be used as the base for planning and designing the cold storages.
        • Design and calculation of all structures which includes Main Building and sub structures
        • Design and calculation of electrical system in cold storage by city power and backup system (generators)
        • Design and calculation of mechanical system in cold storage like refrigeration system and sandwich panels
        • Design of Project landscape (location of cold storage projects and proposed structures to improve
        • Cross sections
        • Detailed sections
        • Descriptions and guides/ design notes
        • Captions
        • Drawing sheets of designed structures in A3
        • Design calculation formula sheets
      • Estimation of the projects in excel
        • Material cost in local market
        • Labor wages
        • Project total cost in standard sheets/ Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) and another needed formats
      • Specification of the projects
        • All materials and equipment that is going to be used should be specified according to Cold storage’s Codes and Standards.
        • Specification for each item should be prepared that shows all technical details and models of equipment that should meet the requirements of Cold storage’s Codes and Standards.


The consultant shall consider the following requirements

        • Standard technical specifications for the construction of the proposed works
        • Standard template for the large sub-project final report
        • An electronic copy of the technical annex of the project document
        • Inception report including a proposed work plan to carry out all the activities within the contract period – in the first week from the award of services
        • Report including deferent design options with scope of works as discussed and agreed with the community. The proposed options are subject to the approval of the client (MAIL) (Client)
        • Provide proper design calculation documents with all the relevant field data for all the proposed construction works
        • Draft study report which include; Technical specifications. Drawings with details. Bill of quantities Project Estimation).
        • Submit the draft data such as site plan, projects drawing, to incorporating all the comments of the draft study Report by MAIL (Client)- Five (5) calendar days after receipt of official comments and suggestions on the Draft Study Report.

Required Key Staff:

The services and design shall be undertaken by qualified and experienced personnel to ensure the satisfactory performance for each of the main components being:

  • Socio-economic
  • Technical/Engineering including designers
  • The key professionals and their Minimum Education Qualification/Experience will be as under: 



Required Qualification

Duration of involvement



Cold Storage Specialist

The consultant should at least hold a Master degree in mechanical engineering, and should be specialized in cold storages engineering, and should at least hold 3 years of experience in designing cold storages.

Preference will be given to a PhD holder, with the required years’ experience.

60 days


Structure Design


The consultant should at least hold Master degree in civil engineering, with 3 years of experience in structure designing; preference will be given to a PhD holder.

30 days


Mechanical Engineer

The consultant should at least hold a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and should hold 3 years’ of experience in mechanical engineering.

30 days


Electrical Engineer                           

The consultant should hold minimum a bachelor degree in electrical engineer and should have 3 years of experience in electrical engineering.

30 days

Overall duration of the assignment is 60 days, the overall man days of the assignment is 150 days, further details of which can be found in the table above.

  1. Contract Period

The consulting services each of the two packages is (60) days, the consultant should complete the assignment in a period two months (sixty days).

  1. The short listing criteria are:
  1. The Consultant should be registered legal entity. The consultant should provide a copy of the business license with its EOI. 
  2. The consultant should not be in loss for the last 3 years. Consultant shall demonstrate having sound financial situation by submitting audited financial reports, bank statement or any other credible financial documents for last 3 years.
  3. The consultant shall provide proven experiences of having executed at least one contract of similar nature and complexity in designing of Cold storages with value of 1,435,140 Afs, or its equivalent in any other currency during last 5 years.  The consultants are required to provide copy of the contract with their EOI.
  4.  The consultant should at least provide a copy of the annual turnover at least reflecting the amount of 2,665,260.00 Afs or its equivalent in any other convertible currency during last five years, in shape of financial audit report, M16 form or any other credible financial documents generated by a third independent party.
  5. Requirements for Consultants participating as Joint Venture, Consortium or Association:

Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. If consultants intend to associate with other firms, they are advised to clearly identify the lead partner and state the composition and nature of their association (JV/ sub-consultant) in their EOI.

In case of association between the firms are in the form of JV, the following requirements will also apply:

  • Only the firm meeting not less (40) % of the shortlisting criteria shall act as the Lead Partner of the JV. The lead partner needs to be identified in JV agreement or intention of forming JV to be submitted with the EoI. Other member(s) of JV need to meeting not less (25) % of the shortlisting criteria. The figures for each of the partners of a JV shall be added together to determine the consultant’s compliance with the shortlisting criteria.
  • The variance in similarity and complexity could be acceptable.      
  1. Consultant having some regional experience is desirable 

  1. The consultant is not black-listed by Government of Afghanistan.

  1.  Declaration by the Consultant that the consultant does not have any conflict of interest in terms of taking any assistance / support from individual / firm / consultants who have been part of the Project… …………….consultancy or the procurement process.
  2. Declaration by the Consultant that the information furnished in EoI is correct and for any misrepresentation detected at any stage of selection process or during execution of the resultant contract if successful, the Consultant to be taken up under the Laws of Afghanistan.
  1. Method of Selection

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Consultant Qualification Based Selection (CQS) set out in Rule 59 of Procurement Procedures.

  1. Submission of EOI

For receiving soft copy of the TOR, please contact procurement section of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock at the address reflected below during office hours 08:30 to 15:30 hours.; and copying,

The expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below or can be submitted (in person, by mail, or by e-mail) to the E-mail addresses reflected above no later than ( 02 March 2020 at 15:30 Hrs. Kabul Afghanistan Local Time).

Consultancy Department

Procurement Directorate

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Jamal Mina Kabul University Road, Kabul, Afghanistan



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