Noor Ahmad: I love Gardening

Noor Ahmad: I love Gardening
Mina Afsari
A man with Dry hands and a big and kind heart, waters the plants, reaches the flowers, picks up the weeds and beautifies the grass with his artist hands.
He says, that he feels good about others enjoying the good atmosphere, that he creates with Gardening, and adds to his passion for it.
Noor Ahmad is one of the famous Gardeners of the Ministry of Agriculture who with his experience, has been able to become one of the best Gardeners in this Ministry.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is one of the places that has its own beauties in all seasons. The presence of Pleasant Meadows, colorful Flowers, Green and Spruce trees, is one of the unique features of this Ministry’s environment that attracts the attention of employees and visitors.
Noor Ahmad is a Gardener who has been engaged in all Gardening affairs in the Ministry of Agriculture for nearly two Decades.
He says that he had been working with his father since he was a teenager. He says that I have always enjoyed Gardening, which has finally affected my life, and I have been doing it for 18 years.
Noor Ahmad says his Grandfather was a Gardener of Zahir Khan’s daughter, the former king of Afghanistan, and his father had been a Gardener for many years at the Ministry of Agriculture.
He added that he learned his profession from his father, my father worked in Gardening with great enthusiasm and interest. My father stood like a strong mountain against all difficulties and shortcomings and taught us the lesson of diligence and manliness.
Noor Ahmad is 49 years old and lives in the village of Qala-e-Foto in Kabul. he has five children, and has passed a difficult past.
He says that There are always problems in life big and small problems, and no human being can escape from them. I, like other people, went through many bard ships and raised my children with the sacred profession of Gardening and the low salary I had.
Noor Ahmad believes that Gardeners should learn all the Gardening including Pruning, Planting, irrigation Methods, Pruning, Decorating and beautifying lawns.
In addition, he emphasizes that a Gardener should take into account the Public Health of the Garden, for example, he should fight pests and diseases in a timely manner and prevent the growth of weeds, which all makes the Garden healthy and the Gardener Become a prosperous Gardener.
He says that I am busy from Seven in the morning until Four in the evening, and I feel happy with Flowers and Plants, I touch and feel them, I distinguish colors, I smell the fragrance of the flowers I grow and I enjoy my work.
Another reason for his enthusiasm for his work is to create a Green and fresh space for employees.
He says that I want those who work in the Ministry or come here from abroad to enjoy the Green space and enjoy it this is really enjoyable for me.
He added that I see staff using the Ministry space in informal times, standing there talking a little, taking pictures and describing the Green and colorful space here, which is extremely valuable to me. We Gardeners enjoy our work when others help us maintain it, and enjoy the space we have created for them.
Gardening is a good job for me and I am satisfied with it said Noor Ahmad, whose career is full of effort.
The material dimension should not always be considered, the semantic dimension is above all, followed by the Health, vitality and goodness that God has given me.
He is satisfied with his work in the Ministry of Agriculture and considers the good behavior of the employees with him as one of the reasons that makes his work more enthusiastic.
Noor Ahmad’s last words are, the benefit of Nature reaches all human beings in any case, we all must take part in its preservation and maintenance, so that future generation can also use the better Nature.