How did Abdullah become Dehghan Abdullah

عبدالله چگونه توانست عبدالله "دهقان" شود
Asad 18: August 8, 2020
Abdullah Dehghan is a resident of Faristan village in Qala-e-Naw city the capital of Badghis province.
He takes care of his seven family members, His eldest son is 15 years old, In addition to going to school he also helps his dad with farming.
Abdullah Dehghan cultivates only in irrigated lands, He has planted 50 acres of his land in Paliz, wheat, Krabia and sesame this year.
He says, that he has planted 17 acres of Melon and three acres of Watermelon this year.
Abdullah Dehghan has so far sold 10 metric tons of Melons for 15 Afghanis per Kilogram at a total price of 150,000 afghanis at the local Qala-e-Naw market.
Abdullah Dehghan while complaining about the lack of a market and a suitable place to sell his products, he seemed completely satisfied with the production and sale of his Melon this year.
Abdullah Dehghan attributes the increase in melon production to the timely implementation of Agricultural operations, mechanical control of melon flies, and adequate and timely rainfall.
Abdullah Dehghan, during the training meeting of extension and plant protection officers of the Department of Agriculture with farmers, in addition to preparing the culture medium, also learned the methods of Mechanical Control of Melon flies, such as how to collect pupae, prepare poisonous prey, close fragment maps and prepare talc.
Abdullah is grateful for the achievements of the Agricultural staff in training and educating him.