Saberah Facilitated the education of her children by working on Farm

صابره با کار در مزرعه زمینه آموزش فرزندانش را مساعد کرد
Saratan 17 : July 7, 2020
Saberah who is a resident of Alti Khujah village in Sheberghan city of Jawzjan province, She could provide education of her children by working on the farm.
Saberah is a mother of four children who are sons and daughters, She is engaged in processing of Agricultural products.
She used to be unemployed, and was suffering bad economical situation, but now she is known as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in her village.
Sabera was covered by National Horticulture and Livestock Program two years ago.
Through this program, She received the necessary training on how to carry out Agricultural activities, especially processing of Agricultural Products.
After graduating from this training program, National Horticulture and Livestock Program of the Ministry of Agriculture provided her with the tools needed to process Agricultural products, and built a Product Processing Center.
Saberah produces a variety of products at the center now, such as Apple's jam, Carrot, Black Cherries, variety of pickled tomatoes, Peppers, chutney and salted salads.
Sabreh says, that she earns 4,000 to 50,000 Afghanis a month, and she spends it on her children's education.