Contact Number of Minister, Deputy Ministers and Directors

Working Hours:

Starting Saturday to Wednesday From 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (Thursday: 08:30am - 01:30pm)

The Ministry's Directory
Name Designation Phone Number Email
  Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock    
  Deputy Minister for Irrigation & Natural Resources    
  Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration    
  Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Livestock



  Information and Public Relations Director & Spokesman    
  HR Director    
  General Director of Agricultural Extension



  Director of Alternate for Livelihood    
  Chief of Office to Minister    


Finance & Accounting Director    
  General Director of Natural Resources Management    

Pastures Regulation Directorate



  General Director of Plan and Policy    
  Director of Private Sector    
  Animal Services Directorate  


  General Director of Provincial Affairs    
  Procurement Director     
  Animal Health Director    
  Statistics Directorate




Crops Extension Director    
  Admin Director    
  Plant Protection and Quarantine Director    
  Director of Certifying the Cultivation Seeds    
  IT Director    
  Forests Director    
  Agricultural Cooperatives Director     
  Reservoirs Director     
  Internal Audit Director    
  Acting Director of Central Silo    
  Director of Household Economy    
  Horticulture Extension Director 



  General Director of Agricultural Research   


  Director of Comparative and Agreemental Research for Plants  



Director of Soil Science Research




Director of Livestock Research



  Acting Livestock Director    


CLAP & SNaPP2 Acting Director



  NHLP Director     
  EATS Project Director     
  Director of CDRRP    
  In-charge of Mountains Development Projects    
  Director of CBARD    
  Cold Storage Facilities     
  Nangarhar Valley Development Project     
  Director of Agricultural Mechanism    
  Project Manager-HVCDSP    
  Project Manager-NVDA/LKISP    
  Project Manager-PARBSP    
  PIU Head-Kandahar, AIWRDP