Minister of Agriculture inaugurates Agricultural Product Management Projects in Parwan

Tue, Jan 19 2021 4:44 PM
پروان ته د کرنې وزیر سفر: د کرنیزو محصولاتو مدیریت پروژې ګټې اخیستنې ته وسپارل شول

Jadi 30: January 19, 2021
Dr. Anwarul Haq Ahady, minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, during a visit to Parwan province inaugurated agricultural product management projects. The inauguration of these projects was attended by Fazluddin Ayar, governor, Abdul Shakur Qudusi, chairman of provincial council, and some government’s officials of Parwan.
The Minister of Agriculture inaugurated one of the onion warehouses in Bagram district and said about these projects, “154 raisin houses, 200 onion warehouses, 35 potato warehouses and 12 fruit cold storages have been built and 30 dryers have been distributed through agricultural management project, which we are witnessing the Inauguration of this project today.
He added that these projects are popular among people and the mentioned assistance has been given to general public, and we are trying to continue this program, these warehouses can be used as long as standard cold storages are built.
Fazluddin Ayar, the governor of Parwan, also praised the construction of these buildings, saying, "In these conditions that people are affected by unemployment and poverty, People used to be stored their raisins outdoors, the grape growers were harmed, the rain ruined their fruits, it has a special benefit for the people.”
The Ministry of Agriculture, through its crop management project, has benefited farmers and gardeners from 431 crop management projects in Parwan, including construction of orchards, potato warehouses, onion warehouses, zero-energy fruit cold storages, and the distribution of dryers in central and distracts of Parwan.

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