World Climate Change Week celebrated in Bagh Babar

Mon, Oct 26 2020 9:09 AM
World Climate Change Week celebrated in Bagh Babar

Shujaualhaq Noori
World Climate Change Week was celebrated in Bagh Babar with the participation of Government officials, professors and students.
The conference was attended by Hashmatullah Ghafoori, Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Natural Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ezatullah Sedighi, Deputy Minister of Environment, Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, and Matiullah Safi, Deputy Minister of State for Disaster Management, professors and students spoke.
 In his speech about this week, Hashmatullah Ghafoori said hat Climate Change affects all sectors and covers a large part.  Mr. Ghafoori reminded, that One of the most important factors of climate change is Global warming, and ignoring it reduces water, increases air Pollution, Floods, loss of animals, declining Fruit trees, increasing Poverty, economic recession, increasing Plant and Animal's diseases, Soil erosion, irregular rains, Migration of humans and animals.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the people and the government have a responsibility to reduce the effects of Climate change.
 Mr. Ghafoori stated, in protecting the Climate of the individual, Family, Society and government, we all have a responsibility to have a healthy and clean environment. If we do not pay attention to it, all sectors will be affected.
The Ministry of Agriculture has done something in this regard, Research has been done, plans and strategies have been made, specialists have been trained, we have attended external conferences and defense has been done, work has been done in the field of plant identification, we have prevented desertification, we need to work in this field together and Paying attention and working in this sector will cost Afghanistan Millions of Dollars.
On the other hand, Ezatullah Siddiqui, Deputy Minister of Environment, spoke about the causes of Climate change.  "
One of the major human challenges in the world is climate change. We are optimistic that one day we will have a cleaner environment. Climate change will increase in the future.
He said that we all need to understand. We ask people not to be content with government institutions alone Work to protect their environment.
Abdul Tawab Balakerzai, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, also expressed the institution's readiness to cooperate with other relevant Departments and spoke about the role of students and Academic institutions.
There is work to be done in this area and more work needs to be done. Beyond that, work needs to be done. Knowledge production and research is one of the key issues that can assist us in this area.
We need to do our work accordingly said.  Do our research. Otherwise, our work will not work.  Professors and students of academic institutions need to be consulted, students need to be encouraged to participate in practical work, and climate change threatens all sectors.
 He added that we are ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Environment in this regard.
In this conference, professors of Geology, students and experts in the environment and the Agricultural sector presented their theories, suggestions, experiences and questions.
On the sidelines of the event, handwritten messages on combating Climate change and protecting the environment were also displayed.
The program was launched for one day and more than 100 people had joined in it.

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