64 Zero -Energy Cold storages of Apple exploited in Kabul

Mon, Oct 12 2020 4:11 PM
۶۴ سردخانه صفر انرژی سیب در کابل به بهره‌برداری سپرده شد

 Mizan 21: October 12, 2020
 Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock officially inaugurated 64 Apple Zero energy Cold storages in Kabul province, implemented through the Crop Management Program today.
 35 of these Apple Cold storages have been built in Paghman district, 12 Cold storages in Khak-i- Jabbar district, 12 Cold storages in Shakardara district, four in Chaar Asyab district and one in cold storage in Bagrami district of Kabul province.
  Each of these Zero Energy Apples Cold storages, have been built at a cost of more than two Million and 622 thousand Afghanis.
Ten percent of these costs are covered by the beneficiary and the rest get paid by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.
 Each of these Cold storages has a storage capacity of 25 Metrics Tons Apple.
 Hashmatullah Ghafoori, Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Natural Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock said at the opening ceremony of Zero-energy Apple Cold storages in Paghman district, that after the start of operation of these Cold storages, Gardeners will not have to sell their products at low prices.
He added that Today, as part of a series of projects related to the Crop Management program, we put into operation 64 zero-energy Apple refrigerators in Kabul.
 each of which holds 25 to 40 Tons of Apple products he said that 64 Cold storage facilities have cost more than 165 Million Afghanis and are to be used by Kabul Gardeners to store their Apples.
 Hashmatullah Ghafoori, stating that Apples can be stored in these Cold storages for up to six months, added: Apples are very low in price when they are harvested. Because the Gardeners did not have a suitable place to store these products, but after this the Gardeners do not have to sell their product for forty or eighty Afghanis.
As long as it is maintained and demand rises in the market, prices are right and Gardeners can supply their stocks to the market.
 Meanwhile, Haji Naim Ibrahim, Paghman district Governor, expressed satisfaction with the start of operation of Apples Cold storages in the district, saying that although the Ministry of Agriculture has done a lot in recent Years in various fields of Agriculture and irrigation.
  He also called on the Ministry of Agriculture to pay more attention to improving Agricultural activities as well as controlling the district's waters.
 Ezatullah, a Gardener in Paghman district also expressed satisfaction with the starting of operation of Apples Cold storages, saying that these projects would bring about great changes in the living conditions of Farmers and farmers.
  He, who owns an Apple Orchards with 2,500 trees, said the climatic conditions range from one to twelve thousand Garlic a year.
The gardener added that he could now store about 7,000 cloves of his garden produce in the Cold storage.
 Haji Abdul Satar Mobarez, another Gardeners and member of the Paghman Development Council, also said that with the operation of Apples Cold storages in Kabul, the price of the Crop would increase in two or three months.
 He also stressed that the construction of 35 Apple Cold storages is not enough for Paghman district.
 The Crop Management program was launched nearly four months ago by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock across the country.
 Hashmatullah Ghafoori, says that through this program, 11,000 different projects have been launched, including Agricultural and Horticultural products in provinces and districts across the country, and some of these projects have been put into operation.
 The Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Natural Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture added that through the Corp Management program, 440 different Agricultural projects have been launched in Kabul province alone at a cost of more than 360 Million Afghanis and all of these projects will be commissioned within a week.

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