Khost Pine Nuts will increase about 25% this Year

Khost Pine Nuts will increase about 25% this Year

Sunbola 23, September 13, 2020
 According to the assessment of Pine Nuts forests of Khost province by the Department of Agriculture, this year Pine Nuts   yields of Khost are expected to increase by about 25%.
  These estimates show that this year the Pine Nuts forests of Khost province will reach 18,600 Tons, an increase of 25% over last Year.
 Hafizullah Shahnoori, director of Agriculture, irrigation and livestock of  Khost province said, that last year 15,000 Tones were the Yield of Pine Nuts harvested of Khost Forest.
 Khost, Paktia, Paktika, Kunar, Laghman, Nuristan and Kapisa are the provinces with the largest number of Pine Nuts forests, respectively.  In these provinces, about 40,000 people are employed in the Pine Nuts business.
 Shahzada who is also a businessman said that the harvest of Pine Nuts  in Khost has increased this year, so that the work of those who work in this sector will be better.
 In recent years, he said, the good market and high price of pine nuts have had a positive effect on people's lives and the maintenance of forests.
 The efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture to grow pine nuts and nuts in Khost province are increasing day by day.
 Rehabilitation of pine nut and nuts forests, construction of forest protection associations, construction of forest tree groves, training of thousands of people in the field of cultivation and extraction of pine nut and nuts trees, distribution of scissors and harvesting equipment to pine nut producers' associations  It is in Khost province.  The use of standard scissors and harvesting equipment to the groups producing prevents 20% of pine nut waste.
 Meanwhile, farmers working in the pine nut forests say that this year the pine nut produce good fruit and the pine nut trees bear better fruit than last year.  Abdul Hakim, a resident of Khost province, said: "In all forests, the yields of Khost forests are better. This year, the yields of pine nut forests are higher and have increased compared to last year."
 "The harvest is very good, it has increased compared to last year, we need a standardized process and packaging, and we ask the Ministry of Agriculture to build processing factories for us," said Abdul Hakim, who was pleased with the increase.
 The Ministry of Agriculture has also taken great strides in processing, packaging and waste prevention, and these efforts have created a level playing field in the production, development, processing and sales sectors.
 The Ministry of Agriculture is also set to build jungle processing factories in Khost and Paktia provinces to process, package and prevent waste.
 Meanwhile, the largest pine nut processing plant has been built by the Ministry of Agriculture in Kabul.  This large factory processes pine nut according to international standards.
 The factory started operating by exporting Afghan gooseberries to China and a number of European countries.
 pine nut, pistachios and saffron are among the most important export products of Afghanistan and currently there is a demand for pine nut import in 16 countries.
 Afghanistan has a production capacity of 23,000 to 35,000 tons per year, valued at $ 1.4 billion at current prices.
 According to the President's decree and special attention, in recent years, the smuggling of pine nut to neighboring countries has been stopped, and now pine nut is exported from official ports in the name of Afghanistan.