World Rabies Day celebrated

Mon, Sep 28 2020 4:27 PM
روز جهانی مبارزه علیه بیماری سگ دیوانه تجلیل شد

 Maizan 7: September 28, 2020
 The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock celebrated World Rabies Day in Kabul.
 The Ministry of Agriculture has made efforts in the field of animal disease control and now has a well-equipped Laboratory, which is unique in the region, said Mahboobullah Nang, head of the Ministry of Agriculture's certification of modified seeds at a celebration of World Rabies Day in Kabul.
We intend to expand animal's clinics in 34 provinces of the country. He said that Our commitment to the (WTO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) is to cut down or eliminate the mad dog disease in Afghanistan by 2030.
  Ahmad Mokhtar Mohseni who is Director of Animal Health, says of the overall goal of the fight against the crazy dog  "Let's reduce Afghanistan, but reduce the effects and bites on humans to zero.
 Mr. Mohseni goes on to say that Mad Dog disease is one of the viral diseases of Sari and Zoonosis (common between humans and animals) that causes acute cerebral inflammation. The virus can cause disease in all warm-blooded animals, including humans.
 Mahboubaullah Nang, head of certification of modified eggs, called on the Ministry of Public Health, Kabul University, Veterinary University, Ministry of Education and Hajj Endowments to provide good information to the public about the disease and pests of crazy dogs.
 Meanwhile, Jalaluddin Naseri, head of Cultural heritage at the National Environmental Protection Agency, stressed the need for better coordination between relevant institutions, adding that raising public awareness of both the harms and benefits of three living things, including animals and humans.
 And the plant can lower the mad dog disease graph as much as possible.
 Meanwhile, Sayed Shirshah Sadat, head of Kabul University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, says the fight against crazy dog disease can be solved through research and implementation of policies and programs.
 Rabies virus enters the body through the glaze of an animal infected with a mad dog disease through the bite site, travels through the muscles to the terminal nerves, and begins to multiply.
 Death is inevitable if you get this disease.

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