Hayatullah planting by linear method has increased our paddy yields

حیات‌الله کاشت با روش خطی حاصلات شالی‌مان را افزایش داده است

Dalwa 2: January 21, 2021
Hayatullah is an experienced farmer from Ghulam Rasul village of Chahardara district of Kunduz province. He and other peasants in their villages have been cultivating rice and other vegetables on their farms for many years, in a traditional way, in the ways inherited from their ancestors. But this year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) built a rice paddy farm in their village for Hayatullah through (PARBSP) project. In this demonstration farm, rice was cultivated according to RIPA system or linear method, which has obtained more rice in terms of quantity and quality in terms of quality compared to traditional cultivars.
Generally, the modern rice cultivation system, or RIPA, was introduced to Afghan peasants in the eastern part of the country for the first time in Afghanistan by Japan within the JICA Institute, which is professionally efficient and simple to use.
Hayatullah said, "For years now, we have been cultivating rice and other vegetables in monotonous manner on our farms, in ways that we have inherited from our ancestors.”
The reality is that in all traditional methods of rice cultivation does not produce good rice in terms of quantity and quality.
He added, "Somehow we did not know the new and modern methods of irrigation, weeding, weeding, and harvesting, but by building and using this show farm, we have learned all the modern methods from the project technical staff in the years to come, we apply this method on our farms as well."
Hayatullah continued, "In previous years, the water in our paddy field was 8 to 10 meters high, but this year, using new methods, I was able to level the whole land professionally, resulting in three to five water levels during the growing season. Meters and also last year I got about 1,176 kilograms of rice from one acre of my farm land, but this year I got about 1,573.6 kilograms of rice from one acre of land by building a show farm. It is one and a half times more, and we also launched a good quality shawl this year."
It is noteworthy that the Pan Amu Sector Basin Sector Project is funded by ADB and the European Union.