Video conference of Acting Minister of Agriculture with the President of the World Bank in Afghanistan about financing Agricultural projects

Thu, Oct 15 2020 9:05 PM
گفت‌وگوی ویدیویی سرپرست وزارت زراعت با رییس بانک جهانی در افغانستان درباره‌ی تمویل پروژه‌های زراعتی

 Mizan 24: October 15, 2020
 Dr. Anwarul Haq Ahady, the nominee and Acting Minister of Agriculture, spoke through video conference with Henri Karali, the President of the World Bank in Afghanistan, about the projects and programs funded by the Bank.
 The conference was attended by the World Bank's Director of Agriculture and Food, Lorani Loonchi, Homa Zahra Fotuhi, World Bank Country's Director for Afghanistan, and Amanullah Alimzai, Head of the Agriculture Sector at the World Bank Office in Afghanistan.
 At the conference, the Acting Minister of Agriculture thanked the World Bank for its assistance in financing the Ministry of Agriculture.
 Mr. Ahady said that practical steps will be taken to resolve the problems that exist in the implementation of some projects and they will be solved soon.
 The World Bank President in Afghanistan stressed the need to fund projects of the Ministry of Agriculture at the conference, and said that they support and fund the Omid project and the emergency project of Agriculture and Food Security in this sector.
 World Bank is one of the sponsors of some of the projects in the Agricultural sector in Afghanistan.

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