Fruit and Vegetable Dryer, a new promise of better life for Masoumeh

دستگاه خشک‌کننده میوه و سبزی، نوید تازه زنده‌گی بهتر برای معصومه

  Mizan 15: October 6, 2020
 Masoumeh Sadat is 38 Years old and lives in the village of Doab Zardsang in the capital of Bamyan province.
 She took care of a family when eight Years ago, her husband passed away.
 In the beginning, she made a living by sewing and could not meet the minimum needs of her family.  However, the distribution of a Sun-Dried Vegetable and Fruit Dryer by the Horticultural Value Chain Development Sector Project (HVCDSP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock opened a window of hope for Masoumeh Sadat to have a better life in the future.
 The purpose of distributing this Solar Device to Ms. Sadat is to help improve the economic situation of her family.
 She expressed that, I used to make a living by sewing, and my income was not enough for a family having eight members but, when I was given a Solar Dryer by the Horticultural project, our economic situation got boosted. This Fruit and Vegetable Dryer dries about 80 KG of fresh vegetables or fruits at a time.
She also added, I bought 200 Kilograms of Eggplant, 80 Kilograms of Apricots and 100 Kilograms of Onions in the past week and dried them using a Sun-Dryer, and I will sell all these dried ingredients at a high price when winter arrives.
 The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, through HVCDSP, has distributed 20 Fruit and Vegetable Dryers to poor and low-income Women with the help of the Asian Development Bank.