Yields of the pistachios, created a smile on the face of Abdul Rashid

ثمر گرفتن پسته‌زارها، در چهره‌ی عبدالرشید لبخند آفرید
Asad 1: 22 July 2020
Abdul Rashid is a gardener in Aibak, the capital of Samangan province. Now, he seeing the Yields in the pistachio trees in her garden, that built by the Ministry of Agriculture, he believes that in the future, his pistachio garden can turn the wheel of his life according to his wishes and earn him good money.
Abdul Rashid has six acres of pistachio garden, some of which have started to produce seedlings this year.
Experts in the horticulture department of the Ministry of Agriculture says, pistachio orchards that have been established in Samangan and other northern provinces, when start to produce properly, gardeners can harvest about 1,000 kilograms of pistachios from one acre of pistachio orchards.
Abdul Rashid, who has implemented all the technical guidelines of the employees of the National Horticulture Project of the Ministry of Agriculture in his garden, now has a fully equipped garden, free from plant diseases and pests. Now he is very happy for his pistachio trees.
This gardener, considering the fruits of his trees, believes that the construction of pistachio orchards in low-water and lowland areas is very fruitful for the economic self-sufficiency of gardeners.
Abdul Rashid appreciates the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture to his and other farmers in building pistachio orchards.
The gardens built by the Ministry of Agriculture for a number of farmers in the north of the country are now beginning to bear fruit.
Simultaneously with the blossoming and fruiting of these pistachio trees, smiles and joy have blossomed in the face of Abdul Rashid and other gardeners.
These gardeners are now more hopeful for their pistachios.
The Ministry of Agriculture, through the National Horticulture and Livestock Project "NHLP" nearly six years ago, began construction of pistachio orchards in the areas of crop and low-water.
So far, in only five provinces of the northern zone (Balkh, Faryab, Sar-e-Pul, Jawzjan and Samangan) has built about 15,000 acres of standard pistachio orchards and transplanted 18,500 pistachio seedlings in these five provinces.
Afghan pistachios are one of the most valuable export items of this country in the past and today. Although this vast capital was largely destroyed by Civil wars, with the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, the country's pistachios are now growing, and, its yields are growing.