Deputy Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

معین زراعت و مالداری

Condensed Biography of Mahbobullah Nang, Acting Deputy Minister for Irrigation and Livestock at MAIL

Mr. Mahbobullah Nang, acting deputy minister for irrigation and livestock at MAIL, completed his primary and secondary education at Mia Omar High School in Nangarhar province in 1998.

He got his bachelor degree in Agriculture, agronomy department, from Nangarhar University in 2003.

In 2010, he got his MA degree in Plant correction and Genetic from USA.

Currently, Mr. Nang is acting deputy minister for irrigation and livestock at MAIL and as well as director of Cultivation Seed Certification Directorate.

Since 2016, he has done extraordinary activities in ensuring certification for cultivation seeds and plant materials.

Mr. Nang also worked as national advisor for certification of cultivation seeds at Landell Mills Limited from 2014-2016.

Mr. Nang also worked as coordinator of cultivation seeds programs of AAIP project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL).

He also had close cooperation with JICA, FAO, JCARDA, and CIMMYT projects from 2011-2012.

Mr. Nang also served as lecturer at Nangarhar University, Agriculture Faculty, from 2003-2013.

He has also written several academic articles on cultivation seeds. He has perfect command of English and Urdu beside our national languages, Dari and Pashto.

For his success and merit, he has been appointed as acting deputy minister for irrigation and livestock at MAIL by Agriculture Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani.