Procurement of Internet connection for main Office CLAP project(opening date 01, Jan, 2018 and closing date is 21, Jan, 2018)

Publish Date: Jan 01, 2018

Closing Date: Jan 21, 2018

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Specifications for Microwave Internet Service
·         Dedicated Direct Internet connection via Microwave (Not VSAT and WiMAX technologies – Refer to the specifications).
Lot No
Bandwidth Mbps
For CLAP Main Office  with supply and installation of equipment’s.
6 MBPS download/6 MBPS Upload speed
·         The internet Service Must be point to point Microwave in Microwave equipment.
·         The service should be provided in microwave equipment like Nera, Huawei or any other. equivalent microwave devices on licensed Microwave Frequency. (otherwise not acceptable).
·         On all sites 7X24 support and on-site support must be provided within two hours when required.
·         The bandwidth must be dedicated 1:1 ratio.
·         The equipment should be provided on free lease basis.
·         98% SLA should be guaranteed.
·         The service provider will provide a backup link for CLAP Project to be used only in case main link is down.