Brief Biography of Raz Mohammad Raz, Deputy Minister Irrigation and Natural Resources Management

Mr. Raz Mohammad Raz has obtained a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, from the Faculty of Engineering, Kabul University, in 1978 and MA degree in Post-War Recovery Studies from University of York, U.K. in 2002.

Mr. Raz started his first professional carrier on 5th of February 1979, as a Procurement Officer with the Ministry of Water and Power and continued to work in different positions such as Cost Estimation Officer, Planning Director and Chief Engineer.

In early 1989, he moved to Pakistan where he worked for five years as a Logistics Manager with Afghan Aid (an INGO based in Peshawar) and after that for almost eight years in various positions such as Regional Operations Officer (UNOCHA Headquarters, Islamabad), Admin and Finance Officer (UNOCHA Regional Office, Kabul) and as a Deputy Regional Coordination Officer (UNCO Central Regional Office, Kabul).

In September 2002, upon completion of MA, for a short period he worked with UNAMA and then a joint team of the University of York (UK) and Pisa University (Italy) in conducting an orientation workshop for senior government officials, on “Preparation of Development Budget for Afghanistan National Programs”.

From February 2003 up to March 2005, he worked with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, first as Humanitarian Affairs Advisor, mainly responsible for; coordination of humanitarian assistance and preparation of winter operations plan, and later on as a National Planning Coordinator, mainly responsible for developing a national-wide rural development plan; strengthening coordination among various national programs of the ministry; and establishing information exchange and reporting systems.

From March 2005 to February 2010, Mr. Raz Mohammad Raz worked as Deputy Minister for Administration and Finance, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. In his capacity as Deputy Minister, he was leading and managing the Departments of Finance, Administration, Procurement, Human Resources and Provincial Affairs as well as the 34 Provincial Departments of the Ministry.

In April 2010, he was appointed as Deputy Minister for Irrigation & Agriculture Infrastructure of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

During the periods of his employment with various organizations, he has participated in numerous national and international conferences, workshops and training courses in the fields of Leadership, Administration, Management, Programming, Emergency Responses, Human Rights and Gender Related Issues.