Agricultural Prospect Reports

Agriculture Prospects Report (APR)

One of the main activities of ASMISD is to carry out Agriculture Prospects Report (APR): The report is the primary source of data on current crop area in various provinces. Baseline data on crop areas at provincial levels were calculated on the basis of land use data, cropping pattern and cropping intensity. These data are updated on an annual basis based on information provided by MAIL crop assessment missions, provincial crop reports, surveys (farmers’ interviews and crop cuts) and other secondary sources. The current crop data presented in APR are updated by using data reported by about 150 randomly selected farmers from 3-4 districts in each province (2 rounds) and crop cuts survey results (one for irrigated/rainfed wheat and another for paddy).


APR latest issues:

  1. MAIL_Agriculture_Prospects_Report_2014 DECEMBER
  2. MAIL_Agriculture_Prospects_Report_2013 DECEMBER

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