Agriculture Statistical Information

Agricultural Statistics and Market Information Systems Department



Background information

The Agricultural Statistics and Market Information Systems Department (ASMIS) was established in December 2005 (CBCMP 2012). The purpose of ASMIS is to collect, analyse and disseminate national agriculture, irrigation and livestock data. Besides, this directorate has a mandate to collect and analyse market information data, and data on agro-meteorology, Geographic Information System and food security related data in order to inform farmers, the private sector, donors, planners and policy makers in order to help them taking informed-decisions based on facts and figures. In addition, ASMIS plays a vital role in enhancing food security in the country.

The ASMIS operates under the General Directorate of Planning and Program Coordination. The scope of work and responsibilities of the ASMIS are as below:

  • Collecting agriculture, irrigation and livestock statistics
  • Collecting data both at national and regional levels on “markets information” of agriculture and livestock commodities
  • Collecting meteorological data on regular basis
  • Collecting Geographic Information System data
  • Collecting, analysing and Reporting of the administrative  and programs/projects data through Management Information System
  • Designing, and conducting agriculture and livestock related surveys/Censuses
  • Analysis and dissemination of data and information to farmers, government agencies and other stakeholders
  • Monitoring and evaluation of statistical data collection, analysis and dissemination


This directorate has the responsibility to inform farmer about weather forecast and market food prices to enable them take appropriate decisions on crop plantation and avoid any unnecessary crop failure. Furthermore, the ASMIS is supposed to share data with the CSO which feeds into the System of National Accounts and Statistical Year Book Reports.