Beekeeping Development Project (BDP)

Project Summary

  1. Project Name: Beekeeping Development Project (BDP)
  1. Donor: Agency French Development (AFD)
  1. Project Budget: 3,000,000 EURO
  1. Project Duration: The project contract signed in October 2011 for 3 years and implementation of project started in July 2012.
  1. Location: All over Afghanistan
  1. Project Status: Ongoing
  1. Project Overall Objective:


The Project aims to reinforce capacities of the Beekeeping value Chain in Afghanistan, in order to increase Food security and income generation especially in remote areas.

  1. Specific Objectives
  1. To increase honey production and commercialization for national and regional markets.
  2. To create jobs
  3. To promote professionals organisation
  4. To increase orchards’ production 


  1. Components:

The Project will contribute to the evolution of the public Centre towards a Private Technical Structure in support to the all Beekeeping Value Chain in Afghanistan and managed by Cooperatives and their Union.

To this aim, four main components have been designed:

  1. Training, communication and information of public and private actors involved in Beekeeping activities. Thematic related to hives’ products, quality, services to Agriculture and use of inputs will be addressed.
  2. Securing access to inputs (wax and veterinary drugs mainly) through imports and local purchases.
  3. Valorization of all hive’s products (honey, pollen, nectar, queens, swarms…) and services (like hives lending for orchards pollination) to create local added value
  4. Structuring professionals’ organizations according to their respective mandate and allowing Value Chain’s autonomy.


  1. Project Progress/ Achievements:
  1. Coordination and communication:
  • Involvement of MAIL staff in the process of improvement and development activities with the aim to maintain integration and sustainability.
  • Preparing of improvement and development action plan of Darulaman Beekeeping Center for 6 months of 2012.
  • To make a proper explanation of project objectives, components and methodology of work one day coordination workshop conducted with the technical and management staff of Darulaman Beekeeping Center, Animal Husbandry Directorate and Veterinary Directorate.
  • Coordination meeting held with Vision Supply Organization working in Badakshan Province on beekeeping
  • Coordination with the agriculture faculty for the practical training of faculty students in beekeeping.
  • Coordination made with MAIL beekeeping technical staff in Logar, Kabul, Parwan, Kapisa and Panjshir provinces for improvement of beekeeping activities in their territory.
  • Interview made with Afghan National TV and Sob Bakhair Afghanistan Radio about beekeeping activities in Afghanistan and activities planned in Beekeeping Development Project,


  1. Survey and Need Assessment:
  • Baseline survey and need assessment of Darulaman Beekeeping Center.
  • Technical engineering survey and cost estimation for rehabilitation and improvement of Darulaman Beekeeping Center.
  • SWOT analysis of Darulaman Beekeeping Center based on the information collected.
  • Baseline survey and need assessment carryout in some districts of Kabul, Parwan, Panjshir and Kapisa Provinces to collect information about number of beekeepers, beekeeping cooperatives, number of bee colonies per beekeeper/ cooperative, opportunities and problems.


  1. Capacity Building:
  • Based on the request of agriculture high school of Nijrab District, Kapisa Province a capacity building training course arranged on beekeeping basic activities for 30 students for 2 days.
  • Based on the request of Nijrab Beekeeping Cooperative a capacity building training course arranged on bees’ winterization for 33 beekeepers for one day in Nijrab District, Kapisa Province.


  1. Providing of technical support and assistance to beekeepers:
  • 4 beekeepers in Qarabagh District of Kabul technically supported and 25 bees’ colonies of them checked.
  • 50 beekeepers of Baghlan, Badakshan, Wardak, Kapisa, Parwan, Panjshir, Logar, Takhar, Kabul and Kunduz Provinces technically supported and 1120 plates of tymol drug provided to them for control mites.
  • 75 beekeepers of Kabul, Parwan and Panjshir Provinces technically supported and 2000 cc taktic drug distributed for control of mite in 1000 bees’ colonies.
  • 5 beekeepers of Badakshan Province technically supported and 400 cc taktic drug provided for control of mite in 200 bees’ colonies.
  • 4 bees’ colonies of agriculture faculty checked.
  • The women welfare association of Jabal saraj District of Parwan Province having 44 bees’ colonies technically supported.


  1. Providing of support and assistance to Darulaman Beekeeping Center:
  • 500 kg sugar provided to Darulaman Beekeeping Center for encouragement and winterization feeding of 43 bees’ colonies.
  • Pulverization of beekeeping center land by shovel, mechanical control of weeds and cleaning of building.
  • Preparing of procurement request documents for purchasing of needed furniture, IT equipment and tools, beekeeping tools and equipment, wax, wooden plate etc.


  1. Project Challenges:
    1. Lack of coordination among organizations working in the target areas.
    2. Pest and diseases
    3. Climatic changes
    4. Import of low quality products in the market
    5. Awareness and knowledge of beneficiaries


  1. Recommendation:
  1. Improvement of coordination among all stakeholders
  2. Improvement of extension activities in the target areas


  1. Budget and Financial Report by Province (Optional)
    1. The special bank account of project opened and the fund is newly transferred to it.