Development of Integrated Dairy Schemes in Nangarhar (UTF/AFG/060/AFG)

Development of Integrated Dairy Schemes in Nangarhar (UTF/AFG/060/AFG)


Budget: $ 3.950,000.

Duration: May, 2010-April 2013

Location: Kama, Behsud, Khogyani, Surkhroad, Batikot, and Ghanikhail districts of Nangarhar province.

Status: Ongoing

Objective: To improve production and efficiency of milk production and processing; and to establish a memberowned network of dairy producer’s cooperative societies to manage the business. Activities will focus on three main areas: improving fodder production and feed availability, improving the health and productivity of dairy cows; and establishing a network of milk collection points and dairy plant.

Feed resources development

  • Animal health services
  • Integrated dairy development; and Institutional support to milk cooperatives

Progress/ Achievements

  • Recruited 6 male and 2 female staff (66 % male and 34 % female)
  • CTA and NFM are responsible for the overall project management
  • MAIL assigned 18 counterpart staff (100% men)
  • A survey was conducted for selection of village, establishment of milk cooperatives societies, selection of beneficiaries and other project activities
  • 850 farmers families selected as project beneficiaries
  • 15 milk producer cooperatives societies established and registered with MAIL
  • Two Women trainers very closely with the women milk producers; and organizing training on animal health and husbandry, hygiene, participation in cooperatives; and cattle management subjects etc
  • 309 women participated in meeting and training activities
  • 27 AI technicians, VFUs and project staff were trained on the subject of reproduction and infertility in cows
  • 224 men farmers trained on animal husbandry and health, hygiene, AI, collection of milk, fodder crop, hay making, feed stuff storage and cooperative organization and management
  • 300 technical digital poster distributed to farmers for improving their knowledge on improved animal husbandry
  • 4270 cows inseminated
  • 1,104 cows followed up for pregnancy test
  • Due to favorable weather conditions, 245 demonstration plots of improved fodder crops established for Oats, Berseem and Lucerne, to make them understand the benefits and the economic return from the fodder;
  • Established the seed multiplication plots of oats and Berseem in 13.6 Jerib of land
  • 1079 kg improved fodder crop seed and 2566 kg fertilizer were distributed to farmers for demonstration and seed multiplication plots
  • Organized training course to 30 technical staff on the fodder crop, cattle management and animal feeding subjects
  • Organized orientation workshop wherein 35 people attended the programme;
  • Organized a field day wherein 100 farmers representatives and MAIL counterparts attended
  • Farmers and local service providers were trained in improved animal husbandry and animal health practices
  • 2,574 cattle of the beneficiaries vaccinated against the FMD
  • 106 cattle of member farmers treated against various diseases
  • 1200 cattle of the beneficiaries de-wormed
  • Organized a study tour for 40 farmers’ representatives and MAIL counterparts visiting Kabul Dairy Union activities in Kabul for creating awareness and improving their knowledge on integrated dairy scheme model
  • Farmers are motivated and understood the importance of the dairy business, thus they are demanding the start-up dairy processing and feed production activities


  • Budget for procurement of dairy plant equipments
  • Budget for construction community livestock center(services/inputs) and milk collection centers building in district levels (6)
  • Land for construction of the dairy plant and feed mill building
  • Face competition of dairy imports
  • Climate change
  • Security

The stakeholders have requested the establishment of dairy plant, liquid nitrogen production plant, as well
establishment of regional livestock/dairy training centre in Jalalabad. As well, there is a request to expand the
IDS activities in the neighboring provinces of Laghman and Kunar. IFAD supervision mission came in March
2011 and these entire requests are presented to the mission for additional resources.