Backyard Poultry Development in Balkh and Jawzjan Provinces

Backyard Poultry Development in Balkh and Jawzjan Provinces


Budget: $1,138,000.50.

Duration: Mar 2010 – Feb 2013

Location: Jawzjan and Balkh provinces

Status: Ongoing

Objective: The overall goal is to reduce vulnerability and improve on a sustainable basis the livelihoods, incomes, food security and nutritional status of poor and vulnerable rural households.

Increased technical knowledge and skills of 3000 rural women in backyard poultry husbandry and management.

Progress/ Achievements

  • 20 women trainer, 21 group leaders, 2 young animal husbandry consultant and 1000 women beneficiaries trained in improved backyard poultry production
  • 1000 trained women received poultry kits (each contained 20 pullets, feeder, drinker, 25 kg feed and 2m2 wire mesh)
  • Construction of 1000 Improved poultry coops in target villages
  • Introduction and extension of improved poultry husbandry practices on village level
  • Contribution in part import substitution, and increased level of food security
  • 21 Poultry Producers Groups organized and established
  • Vaccination of all pullets against ND and PF
  • 24 VGLs (Villages Group Leaders) were trained in poultry business management and marketing
  • 42904 eggs produced and collected out of which 16676 were consumed by the families of beneficiaries and 25049 were sold to the neighbors or market
  • All VPPGs and VGLs were linked to input suppliers ( APPC and APDA) and egg sales agents
  • Construction of 1000 poultry coops as community contribution
  • Vaccination of all distributed pullets against ND+IB and FP ( Fowl Pox)
  • Post-distribution follow-up training is going on


  • Control and prevention of contagious diseases through effective and judicious application of sanitary measures and proper vaccination programs
  • Protection against extreme environmental stresses
  • Facilitating marketing links/channels between producers and customers
  • Compete with imports through: collection and supply of fresh and high quality products; reasonable pricing of products with cost/benefit consideration
  • Organizing selected beneficiaries in village poultry producers groups (VPPGs)
  • Training of VGLs and selected beneficiaries in management of group business development

The demand from the communities for the project expansion is very high, therefore it is recommended to
expand the project to other districts in the provinces.