Consultancy Services for Poultry Subcomponent of Horticulture and Livestock Project (UTF/AFG/051/AFG)

Consultancy Services for Poultry Subcomponent of Horticulture and Livestock Project (UTF/AFG/051/AFG)

Donor: World Bank through Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock under Horticulture and Livestock
project (WB/HLP/MAIL)

Budget: $ 6,999,684.

Duration: Nov 2008-Dec 2011

Location: Kabul, Kapisa, Balkh, Samangan, Takhar, Kunduz, Panjshir, Sheberghan, Baghlan, Parwan.

Status: Ongoing

Objective: Project overall objective and goal is to develop and strengthen national production of safe low cost
animal protein (poultry meat and eggs), to make them available and accessible to the Afghan population in
urban and rural areas.

The specific objectives of the poultry sub-component are to:
I. Further enhance productivity and stimulate poultry production in 25 districts in up to 10 provinces and promote sustainability of all added production through organization of village women in farmers associations and district level producers associations. Together with private services providers they should be able to manage all needed services, input supplies and marketing activities towards the end of the project period.

II. Contribute to a national poultry production policy making for supporting semi-commercial and rural family poultry development throughout Afghanistan.

III. Develop and strengthen a national poultry production strategy as an effective tool for providing economic opportunities and empowerment of women, improving food security and increase rural incomes of vulnerable households and for countering the risks associated with spreading of HPAI virus in close cooperation with the MAIL and other stakeholders.

Establishment of 25,000 layer poultry units for rural women

Progress/ Achievements
During 2009 in seven districts 7000 vulnerable households were selected and received three months preliminary (before getting the inputs) and three months follow up training. Each and every beneficiary of the
project received poultry production starter kit as grant.

During 2010 the project selected 5800 beneficiaries for layer and 200 for broiler as pilot phase. All of them
received the FAO village poultry production training and received poultry production starter kit as grant.
During 2011 the project will cover 12,000 women beneficiaries. To accomplish this target all the necessary
activities have been started already.

Deteriorating security situation of the country, escalation of the prices of inputs, difficulty in obtaining quality
inputs, fluctuation of end product prices (eggs and meat) in the market etc.

Support to upgrade the local poultry production systems such as parent stock, hatcheries, feed mills and etc in order to establish small scale and medium scale commercial layer farms in the country as a national program to achieve self sufficiency in eggs.