Support to Household Food Security and Livelihood of Vulnerable And Food Insecure Farming Families (FAO)

Support to Household Food Security and Livelihood of Vulnerable And Food Insecure Farming Families (FAO)

Donor: Luxembourg

Budget: $ 2.100,000.

Duration: Jan 2010 – Dec 2012

Location: Kabul and Nangarhar

Status: Ongoing

The overall objective of the project is to support poor, food insecure and vulnerable farming households to increase their food productivity and diversify their livelihoods. This is in response to the current food crisis and
to mitigate the effects of future food security crises, price or climate shocks.

Progress/ Achievements

  • Project set up in MAIL( staffing, logistic )
  • Formation of districts teams( MAIL/MRRD)
  • Trained, lead, support, equipped and enabled district team to facilitate and coordination various project implemented in targeted district
  • Identified subject matter specialists in MAIL Extension department
  • Development of check list survey format
  • Check list survey completed by district MAIL and MRRD in Qarabagh and Sorkh rod districts
  • Mapped various projects working in targeted districts
  • Mapped livelihoods of targeted districts
  1. In Qarabagh District: survey done in 96 Villages, 11977 families recorded and 36 livelihood groups identified.
  2. In Sorkhrod District: survey done in 83 Villages, 17510 families recorded and 34 livelihood groups identified
  • Developed 253 common interest groups consist of 7000 farmers ( 137 in Qarabagh and 116 in Sorkhrod) district
  • Provide 300 knapsack sprayer, 200 Sulphur duster, 30.5 Mt sulfur, 4 Mt of lime
  • Applied lime sulfur in 3588 Jeribs of grape orchards in Qarabagh district
  • 412 farmers trained in making of lime sulphur
  • 17 MAIL MRRD district officers trained on conducting of baseline survey
  • Preparation for base line survey is completed


  • Security
  • Formation of common interest groups Cooperatives? /Associations? / CDC’s how about registration
  • Beneficiaries’ selection based on HH? Or Family
  • Coordination of development projects at district level/ through Program? / Extension?
  • Development of micro projects for village based organization, through MAIL policy and planning department?
  • How to reach vulnerable and food insecure families commodity based approach? / Vulnerability?
  • Line of reporting (M&E? or Program? or Extension?)
  • District team structure?


  • Utilization of MAIL/MRRD district and provincial capacity by giving support to district team.
  • The mapping of livelihood groups enables MAIL/MRRD team at district level to facilitate and coordinate project implementation at district level.
  • Opportunity for cooperation of MAIL project development team to help community based organization in project development.
  • Sharing information creating opportunity for new project to build on collected data.