Development of Integrated Dairy Scheme in Herat (GCP/AFG/046/ITA)

Development of Integrated Dairy Scheme in Herat (GCP/AFG/046/ITA)

Donor: Italy

Budget: $ 4,000,000

Duration: May, 2007- April 2012

Locations: Guzerah, Enjil, Karokh, Pashton Zarghon, Jandajan, Obya, Rabat-i-Sangy and Ghurain districts of
Herat Provinces

Status: Ongoing

The project goal is to improve the food security in Herat by raising the productive capacity of the provincial
livestock sector through improvements in feeding, breeding, animal health, housing and cattle management. In
addition, the capability of local service providers to support the participating farmers will be strengthened.


  • Improve volume and efficiency of milk production by developing a commercial dairy production system in selected locations of Herat province
  • Support the stakeholders to develop functional milk collection, processing and marketing structures for milk and dairy product
  • Support the stakeholders to develop organizational structures for the sustainable management of the Herat Dairy Scheme

Progress/ Achievements:
Established ten milk producer cooperative societies in village level and one dairy union with 1100 members and officially registered it with MAIL

  • An animal feed production unit established and equipped with 3 MT/day processing capacity
  • Dairy Building construction completed and dairy plant equipment installed with 5MT/day milk processing capacity for producing pasteurized, milk, yoghurt, butter milk, butter, cream and cheese
  • Feed mill building construction completed and feed mill equipment with1.5Mt/hr capacity expected to installed in May 2011
  • 1491 selected families (women and men) of farmers trained on animal health/ production practice
  • 2.5 Jeribs (half hectare) land bought by the Herat Livestock Development Union (HLDU), at the cost of Afs 355,000 is being worked by cooperative farmers
  • City power/electricity supply connected to the dairy premises/feed processing centre
  • Feed processing unit operational
  • Operational responsibilities of feed and milk processing plants handed over to the Herat Livestock

Dairy Union

  • Around 266.56 Mt concentrated feed was produced; and marketed
  • 6,701 cows inseminated
  • Due to favorable weather conditions, 853 demonstration plots of improved fodder crops established for Oats, Berseem and Lucerne, for demonstration purposes to help improve the farmers’ knowledge
  • Milk collection equipments and vehicle procured
  • 85.33% FMD and tick born diseases are controlled and also zoonotic diseases and mastitis are under control in the project area
  • More than 70% of selected farmers have used AI services for improvement of local breed of cattle and pregnancy rate is 70.64%
  • More than 60% of selected farmers have cultivated improved fodder crops;
  • Established nine milk producer cooperatives societies and one dairy union;
  • Farmers are committed to participating in the establishment, operation and management of Dairy cooperative societies/Unions and farmers’-owned milk processing plants in terms of providing legalizedl and and man power
  • Women farmers are practically participating in the integrated dairy scheme field activities
  • Three secondary cooperative societies established in district level and registered with MAIL
  • 2104 farmers have the membership in Herat Livestock Development Union

Needs expending market network, due to increased milk intake followed by increased plant capacity

  • Expanded competition of dairy imports
  • Increase profit margins to maintain the schemes
  • Drought and cold weather condition
  • Security

A concept note for the expansion of the IDS activities to the other provinces of western region submitted for
consideration to the Italian cooperation mission. The project period will be extended at least for one year more.

Budget and Financial Report by Province
Total $ 2,933,208 spent which comes out to be 73.33% delivery