National Agricultural Experiment Stations Rehabilitation Project (NARP)

National Agricultural Experiment Stations Rehabilitation Project (NARP)

Donor: JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Budget: $10,000,000. For 2005 – 2011

Duration: 20 July 2005 -17 March 2011 (5 years and 8 months)

Location: MAIL (Darulaman, Badam Bagh and Qargha Station), Bamyan, Balkh

Status: Completed March, 2011

Objective: Research Department and Central Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) are able to play a central role for improvement of agricultural production and rural livelihood through its activities unifying research and technology development

(1) Rehabilitation of infrastructure for research (facilities, equipment)
(2) Capacity development of researchers (training, implementation of research)
(3) Dissemination of research outputs

Progress/ Achievements:
(1) Facilities and equipment for research were installed in each station and utilized effectively for research

  • Soil laboratory in Badam Bagh
  • Electricity and Irrigation facilities in each station
  • Green house tent stores and container offices in Badam Bagh and Qargha

(2) Capacity of researchers was improved substantially

  • Twenty-seven (27) researchers attended training in Japan
  • Six (6) researchers attended training in Iran

Training courses such as Experimental Design/Statistical Data Processing, Wheat Variety Improvement, Water Management, Technical English were conducted in Kabul and more than one hundred researchers attended.

(3) In consequence, the research and technology development of research department and CAES have been strengthened in certain extent

(4) Some relevant technologies were developed and disseminated.

  • Release of promising wheat, bean and potato varieties
  • Simple control method (bagging) of melon fly
  • Affordable countermeasures to address fe-deficiency of fruit trees


Followings are issues to be improved by MAIL;
(1) Sustainable allocation of budget and staff for research
(2) Enhance research in quantity and quality
(3) Innovate facilities and equipment for research
(4) Improve efficiency of research and research management
(5) Intensive improvement focusing on Badam Bagh Station as CAES
(6) Strengthen regional agricultural experiment stations