Cherry & Apricots orchards in Panjshir Province

Cherry & Apricots orchards in Panjshir Province

Donor: CERP Project #: ADT-20090106125226

Budget: Total Project Budget: - $ 352,105.00

Duration: Project Life: March 05, 2009 – May 30, 2011

Location: Districts of Shutul, Anabah, Rokha, Markaz, Khenj & Darah in Panjshir Province, Afghanistan

Status: On going

Overall Objective:
The purpose of this project is to increase the agriculture-based incomes of smallholder farmers of Panjshir. The approach is to demonstrate improved fruit production and marketing techniques that have a high revenue potential.

The project is:

  • Assisting farmers in establishing commercial fruit orchards
  • Assisting producers and merchants to adopt more profitable marketing techniques, including appropriate processing and packaging


Progress/ Achievements


No Deliverables (Description including
Status Description of Progress
1 Deliver fruit tree saplings, cherry rootstocks,
stratified apricot seeds etc
On going Already
31,568 saplings
delivered & planted
Records of:
7,317 saplings delivered in 2009 to
farmers of Panjshir
19,326 saplings delivered in 2010 to
farmers of Panjshir
4,752 saplings delivered in Winter
2010/11 to farmers of Panjshir
2 Orchards plantations
600 orchards established by April 2011
already 727
121 orchards est in Anabah district
91 orchards est in Markaz district
105 orchards est in Rokha districts
65 orchards est in Shutul district
216 orchards est in Darah district
129 orchards established in Khenj
district of Panjshir
3 Support establishment of local nurseries On going
11 nurseries
7 nurseries established in 2009
4 nurseries established in 2010
8,000 rooted cherries saplings and
stratified apricots seeds distributed in 2010
18,930 saplings grafted in Aug 2010
All cherry saplings and most apricots
for plantation 2010/2011 campaign are coming from local nurseries supported by project.
3a Technical assistance/training/support for
On going Already one training in August 2009 for 32 farmers
4 Provide tools, including pruners, grafting
knives and sprayers
Not yet Grafting knives provided to nurseries
and pruners as well
5 Provide fencing (3-barb, 3 wire) to new
orchard farmers
On going half of the plots are fenced Total of 333 orchards
Fencing done at the 11 nurseries
64 orchards fenced in Anabah district
35 orchards fenced in Markaz district
35 orchards fenced in Rokha districts
46 orchards fenced in Shutul district
91 orchards fenced in Darah district
117 orchards fenced in Khenj district
of Panjshir
6 Provide vegetable, grain or food oil seed for
inter-cropping and instruction
On going Most of the farmers have veg intercrop
7 Demo plots of double row of poplar living
On going 16,763 poplars cuttings and 9,061 Russian olives cuttings provided to 170 farmers
8 Train at least 300 farmers and Provincial DAIL extension agents on all aspects of orchard management: On going 7,928
farmers of Panjshir receiving
advise from the
3 DAIL officers trained by end of March 2009
13 farmers trained on cherry pruning
on June16,2009
3 DAIL officers trained in Aug 09 on
32 farmers trained in Aug 09 on
14 farmers trained on cherry pruning
on June16, 2010
Further records under compilation
Currently the extension team delivering personal advises to 7928 farmers
1,737 in Anabah; 1,803 in Markaz;
1,079 in Rokha; 531 in Shutul, 1,075 in Darah and 1,703 in Khenj districts.