Land Lease and Management One Stop Window (ALA)

Land Lease and Management One Stop Window (ALA)

Donor: From Harakat (DFIF funded)

  • 650,000 USD during phase I
  • Commitment of additional funds up to $7 million for phases II and III (proposals pendent to be
  • developed)


  • 100,000 USD to support operations during phase I
  • 300,000 USD to support operations/training during first half of phase II
  • One international advisor
  • Other sources are being pursued in order to complement institutional Harakat investment with additional supports to fund the mapping and zoning of Afghanistan and the inventory of governmental lands (JICA,USAID, for example).

Budget:  650,000 USD for Phase I - Up to 40, 000,000 USD estimated budget for the entire initiative.
Phase I (Design) September 2009 – July 2010.
Phase II (Preparation) August 2010 – July 2011.
Phase III (Pilot) August 2011 – July 2013
Phase IV (Full Implementation) From August 2013

The project will impact all the national territory in the long term but spatial priorities could be defined during the design phase in order to define geographical areas where to focus implementation in the middle term.

Status: Ongoing MAIL project

The objective is to remove a major national economic constraint by improving access to governmental lands for commercial purposes. It will achieve this objective through addressing the lack of standardized, efficient and transparent land offer and lease procedures.


  • A mandate from the General Cabinet was obtained in August 31, 2009 endorsing the initiative
  • National management team is in place and oriented
  • International technical assistance is joining the project in March 2010
  • Inter-institutional cooperation between ALA and public and private entities is under formalization.
  • First board of directors of the Afghanistan Land Agency to be organized on March 30th, 2010