Kabul International Ag-Fair

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Planning & Program Coordination General Directorate

Private Sector Development Directorate

Ag - Fair Department

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock is pleased to announc Kabul International  Ag-Fair will be held from18 20  October2017, at the Badam Bagh fairground in Kabul. The Kabul International Ag Fair - is a leading trade show in Afghanistan, and is serving to boost trade and increase local and international market for top niche Afghan products.

The Kabul International Ag-Fair is recognized as the largest and most important trade fair in Afghanistan. Attend include importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, producers, input suppliers, and service providers. The Fair incorporates products exhibition area, participation in business-to-business networking events, and demonstration of new technologies and methods at the demonstration farm.

Our last Kabul International Ag-Fair attracted more than  1,13,543  visitors from across Afghanistan and generated more than1,  269,541,500 Afghanis deals with local and international businesses.

 TheKabul   InternationalAg-Fair   is a unique marketing tool for local and international businesses to promote their business through our multiple marketing strategies. The Fair also offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses to promote their products in Afghanistan's expanding market. For more information and details about sponsorship packages please contact us

+ 93(0)744371757                                         

The registration processes is running right now, all interested business can register either online or come by to our office at Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock for booths reservation, if you are interested to be  an exhibitor or   looking of more information, please send an email to af.gov.mail@agfair or call us on during business hours:  Phone: + 93(0)781980180

Kind and price of booths  for International Companies                                                     





Booth Standard   


300 $

Booth Prime

2m 3x3

400 $

Double  Booth

2m 3x3

600 $

Welcome to Kabul International The  Ag-Fair 2017

Bought Afghan Products Grow Afghanistan Economy