Peach Producers’ Association Established in Faryab

Hamal 20: April 9, 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) through National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP) established peach producers’ association in Qaisar district of Faryab province.

This association was established at a gathering in the center of Qaisar district with the presence of a group of peach gardeners to improve marketing for the product.

Qaisar is one of the districts in Faryab province, which produces nearly 280 tons of quality peach annually along with its grape and raisin production. Earlier gardeners had complaints about lack of markets for their products.

Provincial agriculture director said, “Establishment of peach producers’ association by NHLP can reduce the problem of lack of the market for peach products.”

Earlier grape producers’ association was also established in the province.

Through these associations, all gardeners can sell their products at reasonable price.