MAIL tests quality of imported fertilizers

This test was carried out during four-day training at Plant Protection and Quarantine Department (PPQD) of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock – MAIL.

The experiment was directed by Professor Mr. Abdul Ghani Ayoubi with PPQD staff members from MAIL and representatives from Herat, Nangarhar and Patkita provinces.

They tested two different elements in two brands of fertilizers.  During the experiments they examined quality and volume of Nitrogen in Urea and phosphorus in DAP (Diammonium phosphate).

Agrochemical specialist Mr. Khan Aziz Sahak of Afghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project – AAIP - who funded and facilitated the training said that the findings were promising. He further added that AAIP is constructing and later will equip Lab Complex for quality assurance of fertilizers and pesticides. More than 50 percent of the Lab Complex construction has been completed so far. Besides that, AAIP is also constructing Quarantine Station in bordering provinces that have ports with neighboring countries.

This training was mainly aimed to train PPQD staff to take full responsibly and run Lab Complex as soon as construction and equipment of the Lab Complex completes.

AAIP has purchased 12 test kits for PPQD and its relevant departments both in capital and provinces. Some of these test kits were used during the test and will be handed over to PPQD in next few days.