Important Agriculture, Livestock Projects to be launched in Daikundi

Dalwa 22: Feb 11, 2019

Daikundi Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Directorate has announced that UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and BROOKE will launch several important agricultural and livestock projects in Daikundi province this year.

According to Daikundi Agriculture Directorate, provision of emergency assistance and empowerment of farmers and livestock holders affected by the drought in Ashtarli, Sang-e-Takht, Khader, and Nele districts are parts of the plans.

Abdul Hadi Shafaq, director of the emergency aid and farmers’ empowerment project at FAO, said that their services cover 6,000 farmers and livestock holders.

Distribution of 50 metric tons of modified seeds, 100 metric tons of white and black fertilizer for 1,000 farmers in two districts, distribution of vegetable and plant seeds for 1,000 farmers, distribution of herb seeds for 4,000 livestock holders, and training of 6,000 farmers and livestock holders were parts of the organization’s plan in Daikundi province.