Hopes for a Bright Future in Qadis District of Badghis Province

The National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP) of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is one of the flash projects of the ministry that being implemented in Badghis province since 2016.

The project is carrying out significant activities including the establishing of standard fruit orchards, establishing of pistachio orchards, Kitchen Gardening, distribution of agricultural and livestock tools kits and other relevant activities.

The local farmers have welcomed the project and say that it has opened a big window of opportunities in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Abdul Fattah, a resident of Sultan Ha village of Qadis district of Badghis and one of the NHLP beneficiary, said that he was very happy when he learned about the beginning of NHLP activities in the province and hoped if the project extended to their district quickly.

Now he labeled himself lucky because the NHLP is working in Qadis distract and luckily he is one of its beneficiaries.

Moreover, Abdul Fattah is severing as a lead farmer that helps other farmer to standardized their agriculture and get advantage of the project.

Abdul Fattah is owner of few hector land but in the past he was not able to cultivate it. The main reason which he mentioned is lack of professional knowledge about horticulture and other relevant matters.

"At the outset, I became a member of the farmer field school (FFS) according the project plan, then I promoted to the head of a group of farmers. It motivated me more to attend all the classes and learned the issues that taught in the class.

I learned all the topics like plantation, irrigation, harvesting, packing, marketing and disease control and now at the daily base, I am sharing this information with the farmer in need.” Abdul Fattah says.

Furthermore, he established 2 jirib of apple orchard and hopes that it will change his life and economic conditions.

According to Abdul Fattah, in the near future with the contribution of NHLP, the Qadis district will become a productive area due to it favorable weather conditions and people's interest in agriculture sector.