Five agricultural companies in Helmand have produced 1,788 metric tons of modified wheat seeds this year

According to Media office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) – The activities of private companies in the agriculture sector brings widespread changes in the mechanization of agriculture. Following the efforts of the private sector, statistics show that only five private companies in Helmand have been able to produce 1,788 metric tons of modified wheat seeds this year.

The Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Directorate of Helmand Province says that this year 800 metric tons of seed reformed wheat has been allocated for this province to get distributed to farmers along with a chemical fertilizer. MAIL is buying 800 metric tons for the Helmand’s farmers from the mentioned companies, and the rest will be transferred to other provinces to meet the needs.

The agriculture director of Helmand and officials from modified wheat seeds department has monitored the work of the modified seeds production companies.

Helmand agriculture director, speaking to the officials of seed production companies, delivered suggestions on processing, packaging, professional and technical decomposition of the seeds, considering the steps required, and to provide good quality seeds to the farmers.