Daikundi Agriculture Directorate’s Performance in Pato District

Dalwa 15: Feb 4, 2019

The Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Directorate of Daikundi province has reported on its extensive activities in the newly established Pato district of the province.

Pato district was detached from Uruzgan province a few months ago and was included in the administrative unit of Daikundi province.

Daikundi agriculture directorate said that so far 36 metric tons of chemical fertilizer have been distributed to the farmers in the district and measures have been taken for creation of pilot units.

The productive trees of the district have also been sprayed against diseases.

On January 26th, 2019 a team of engineers and plant protection experts went to the district and surveyed four water reservoirs in four villages. They also trained 265 farmers on how to use vegetable oil to eliminate disease and control insects.