PPQD OF MAIL with AAIP of MAIL launches training series of countrywide IPPD survey in Afghanistan

Plant Protection and Quarantine Department (PPQD) of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock plans to conduct nationwide Insect Pests and Plant Disease (IPPD) survey throughout Afghanistan. This survey, technically supported and funded by Afghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project (AAIP), is one of main goals of PPQD of MAIL and AAIP and will be implemented by Center for Agricultural Biosciences International (CABI). Within the framework and guidance of Ministry of Agricultural, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) this survey focuses on crops, trees, livestock and poultry, orchards, grains in different environment, stages and geography.

Around 28 participants attended this first level training from various departments including Seed Certification, Plant Protection and Quarantine, Extension, Agriculture Research Institute of Afghanistan, AAIP, National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP), Kabul University and AAIP.

This Training of Trainers (TOT) is focusing how to conduct field survey and also how to collect data, sorting it out, preparation of samplings, transportation and its requirement during field works. Second day of this two-day training will be practical work conducting in Badambagh of Kabul.

Immediately after completing this training, CABI has planned to invite two persons from each province of the three zones; Kabul, Nanagarhar and Herat that covers 17 provinces. These three zones have been planned in the first phase of survey. Mr. Faheem, country representative of CABI, told “later on we will train at least 4-6 persons from 170 districts of the three zones till the end of September 2016. This will be followed by practical work where these around 1000 surveyors will collect data about crops, trees, livestock and poultry, orchards, grains. This should be completed within one year. After that we will target the rest 4 zones. We are quite sure that CABI will complete the survey within two years.”

This is the first that nationwide Insect Pests and Plant Disease survey is going to be conducted. This will enable MAIL to identify what types of diseases the agriculture sector of Afghanistan has. It will in turns make MAIL able to tackle most of the disease in a timely manner.

Since Afghanistan has recently got World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, it is prerequisite to identify and list all plant insect and diseases prevailing in the country. Muhammad Faheem, CABI Country Coordinator-Afghanistan explained that this survey is not only identifying insects and diseases but also to explore which diseases exist where, on which commodities, and at what level. The survey that will be conducted in two year is focusing on all field crops, vegetables, fruit orchards, forest, veterinary farms and stored grains, and all landscapes i.e. agriculture, fallow, grass and rocky lands for detection of plant insect pests and diseases. A national database will be developed to record all these information and establish national museum to preserve all the samples for future use and research studies.