AAIP steering committee meeting held

Deputy minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) Mr. Mir Amanuddin Haidari opened the meeting and called Afghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project (AAIP) one of the biggest and fundamental projects of MAIL.

He praised recent developments of AAIP and added: 37 MAIL employees who had gone for Master degree program returns after successful completion and obtaining of master degrees. Lab complex and quarantine stations are being built. Nationwide insect pests and plant diseases survey is very important and will start soon. However, since we have very limited time for AAIP, we should try our best to further speed up overall activities of the project. We should accountably spend each penny of this important project.

Abdullah Wajidi, acting director of AAIP stated that disbursement rate of the project has drastically been increased; from 6.49% to 24.92 percent in the last four months. He assured the committee that AAIP staff will utilize single opportunity to fulfill all designed activities within such tight deadline.

Later on, unit-wise developments of AAIP were presented through presentation and this was followed by open discussion focusing on challenges and recommendations which were raised during presentation.

The steering committee decided to review awarded contracts which so far have showed little progress. Mr. Nabigul Shahidzoi, deputy director of AAIP, who was chairing the committee, insisted on participation and coordination among those directorates which are directly related to AAIP.  He also mentioned challenges that were talked and resolved in the past three months.