Onion Production Increases by 16.8 Percent in Helmand

Jawza 20: June 10, 2019

Helmand Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock Directorate says that onion production and cultivation has increased by 16.8 percent this year compared to last year in the province.

Zalmai Aliko, provincial agriculture director, said, “Based on field staff reports, onion cultivation and production has increased by 16.8 percent in Helmand province.”

According to the provincial agriculture directorate, scallion (green onion) is planted over 110 hectares of land and onion is planted over 1,150 hectares of land.

Aliko added that some 35 tons of onion is being exported to other provinces each week.

Aliko further stated that Helmand onion has good reputation for its quality in local markets.

Helmand Agriculture Directorate tries to prevent plant diseases and pests along with teaching farmers modern cultivation techniques in order to increase their yields, leading the province toward self-sufficiency in agricultural production.