100 Baghlan Women Learn Poultry Skills

Sawr 11: May 12, 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) following its efforts to raise women’s capacity and boost their economy has trained poultry skills to 100 women in the province.

The Household Economy Management Department of the provincial agriculture directorate launched a three-day training program for 100 women in the province.

Abdul Gheyas Siddiqi, provincial agriculture director, at the beginning of the training program asked the participants to learn new techniques and share it with others at their respective villages.

Soman Siddiqi, head of the household economy management department at the province, said the aim of the program is to empower women in the poultry sector, adding that “during the three-day training program, women learn poultry skills, value of poultry, and raising the household economy.”

Launching such programs, especially for women in Baghlan, is a step toward self-sufficiency. Women can make fundamental changes to their economies using these programs